Is an Attorney Needed for Insurance Claims?

Do I need an attorney for an injury claim?

A personal injury attorney is someone who works to help individuals file a lawsuit when they have sustained an injury. At Cueria Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys work hard to ensure every client has a strong case. We work on negotiations, in mediation, and with insurance companies to help every client we serve. When you file a claim with your insurance company, our attorneys will use their knowledge and experience to help the claim move along at an efficient pace.

Is an attorney needed to file an insurance claim?  The answer is technically no. Realistically, you could go about filing an insurance claim without the assistance of an attorney. But in doing so, you forfeit the experience and knowledge that an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney has including dealing with insurance companies. Our personal injury attorneys have the know-how and expertise to understand the terms of your claim as well as help you to receive the best recovery outcome based on your case.

Insurance Companies Try To Give You As Little As Possible

When it comes to insurance claims, insurance adjusters are told to give you as little money as possible while making you feel that you are being justly compensated for the injury. Unless you have dealt with insurance companies in the past on several occasions, you will not have the experience to determine that the offer is low and unfair. With the help of a skilled injury attorney, you have better clarity on the matter.

With our experience as Louisiana personal injury attorneys, we can gauge the extent of your injuries and ensure you receive just compensation. If were injured on the job, you may not understand the full extent of your situation when it comes to cost. By not fully understanding the coverage needed for your situation, you may accept an insurance settlement you feel is generous, but may not cover the cost of wages lost, earnings potentially lost, treatment from medical facilities plus any long-term care needed.

By having an attorney working on your case, you are on even ground with the insurance company involved in your incident. Insurance companies will use various tactics to provide you with a lower payout as they are used to dealing with individuals who are not experienced in such cases. With our help, we negotiate on your behalf, and the insurance company is not in a position of power. You are.

If you are currently dealing with a case involving an injury in New Orleans and surrounding areas, and need guidance fighting an insurance company, we can help.

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