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A traumatic brain injury can leave a family in a state of anguish and confusion. The survivor’s family members will have to take on many new responsibilities after their loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury. There will be many difficult questions to answer.

Do we have a case against the party responsible for the injury? How do I find an attorney who will fight hard for my loved one? What are the options for getting financial compensation for medical expenses?

The Louisiana brain injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm understand all of the new challenges that families will take on after a devastating brain injury. After your loved one gets the medical treatment they need, contact our traumatic brain injury attorneys right away. Our team has the experience and dedication it takes to get your loved one a substantial settlement and the justice they deserve. Don’t go through this alone. Make sure you have the team at Cueria Law Firm on your side, guiding you through this difficult time.

Why Take Legal Action

If your loved one has sustained a traumatic brain injury, you may be consumed with the immediate medical care they require and the frightening uncertainties of their future quality of life. It may seem too overwhelming to think about taking legal action right away. However, there are many reasons why securing experts in brain injury litigation is crucial as your family begins the recovery process.

Many brain injury victims and their families are unaware that they have a valid legal claim against another party. An attorney who is well-versed in brain injury law will be able to look at your case and determine if negligence played a part in the injury. There could be substantial compensation available to you that will be indispensable as the medical bills begin to pile up.

What is Negligence?

Negligence is the basis for many personal injury claims against another person, business, or entity. When one party acts carelessly and causes injury to another, the careless party is held liable for that injury. The victim must prove, among other things, that they suffered damages due to the negligence of the other party. Damages may include medical expenses, repair or replacement of property, or pain and suffering.

What Will My Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Do

When your loved one has a capable brain injury attorney on their side, the chances of recovering substantial compensation increase dramatically. The brain injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm have assisted many Louisiana families to get the best medical care for their loved ones because of the settlements we earned for them. Contact our attorneys today to set up a consultation where an experienced brain injury attorney will review your case to determine if you have a solid negligence claim.

The traumatic brain injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm will start by answering all of your questions about the legal process in brain injury cases in Louisiana. We will learn about your unique case and then identify all of the parties involved to explore the potential for negligence and liability. Our experienced attorneys know the law and will seek all available options for recovering financial compensation for you.

Even if you are unsure if your loved one has a claim, it is crucial that you consult with one of our brain injury attorneys right away. Every day you wait is another day your loved one may not be getting the best care they could receive. The financial compensation recovered has helped many families secure their financial future and gain the peace of mind they need to recover.

Cueria Law Firm is on your team, representing your best interests in your personal injury claim. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Have you suffered a traumatic brain injury in the state of Louisiana? If so, you need a dedicated brain injury attorney on your side. The brain injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm in Louisiana have a reputation for their experience, compassion, and an aggressive pursuit of justice for their clients. If you have been involved in any type of accident that has caused a traumatic brain injury, you may be able to seek compensation from the negligent party. Schedule your consultation with one of our top brain injury attorneys who will answer all of your questions and explain the legal options available to you.

What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as “a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain.” A TBI can lead to mild side effects such as blurred vision, brief confusion, or a headache. The most severe TBIs can result in permanent and life-altering physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities.

No two brain injuries are alike. It is impossible to tell what the effects of the injury will be on the victim. However, anytime the brain is damaged, there is the potential for devastating consequences. The severity of the damage will depend on the force of the impact and the presence of bleeding in the brain. If the damage is repairable by a doctor or surgeon, then the risk of severe and permanent injury is lessened.

Some of the most common impairments that can result from a TBI include:

  • Communication difficulties in speech and language
  • Emotional deregulation and difficulty expressing and managing strong emotions
  • Loss of sensations such as smell, taste, and touch
  • Cognitive delays in memory, processing, and reasoning

The statistics indicate that there are about 1.7 million people that suffer a traumatic brain injury every year in the United States, with a staggering 5.3 million people living with the damaging effects of the injury every day. Although there are steps you can take to prevent a TBI, anyone is at risk of experiencing a blow to the head that leaves permanent damage.

Common Accidents that Cause Traumatic Brain Injury

In the state of Louisiana, there are common accident events that typically cause a TBI. The majority of traumatic brain injuries today are the result of falls. Dangerous falls that produce a TBI are especially prevalent among adults over the age of 65. If you or a loved one sustained a fall in a public place because of wet floors or other unsafe conditions and suffered a TBI, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation for your injuries.

Motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents also account for a high percentage of the traumatic brain injuries reported. A TBI occurs when the brain is jostled, causing it to make contact with the skull. The force of a car or motorcycle crash can cause the brain to push forcefully against the skull resulting in bleeding, swelling, and bruising.

Other common accidents that can lead to traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Sports or other recreational activities
  • Violent attacks and assaults
  • Military bombings
  • Gunshots

When a catastrophic accident or attack occurs, you must seek medical attention immediately to determine if a brain injury is present. A doctor will perform the necessary examinations to identify the type of head or brain injury that you sustained. The mechanism by which the brain injury occurs will affect the prognosis and rehabilitation required after the traumatic brain injury.

Open Head Injury: Open head injuries involve the penetration of the skull from a foreign object such as a bullet.

Closed Head Injury: Closed head injuries involve sharp blows to the head that do not penetrate the skull. They typically occur in car crashes or slips and falls.

Toxic: Toxic brain injury can occur from ingestion or exposure to strong chemicals such as carbon monoxide, pesticides, or other solvents.

Hypoxia/ Anoxia: Hypoxia (reduced oxygen to the brain) and anoxia (no oxygen to the brain) can cause permanent and severe damage to the victim’s cognition and memory.

Diffuse Axonal Injury: Diffuse anoxal injury occurs when a person abruptly decelerates from their forward motion, causing the soft brain tissue to contact the skull causing contusions, swelling, or bleeding.

Tumors: Tumors growing on or near the brain can cause pressure on the brain or damage to the areas of the brain where the tumor is located.

Infection: Viruses like meningitis and encephalitis can cause serious brain damage.

Get Legal Help

When you sustained a traumatic brain injury because of the negligence of another party, they must be held accountable. The brain injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm in Louisiana understand the devastating effects of TBI on the victim and their family. Our team of experienced and caring attorneys will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today for your free consultation and start your road to recovery.


Rehabilitation for a Traumatic Brain Injury

The impact of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) will be felt deeply by both the injury survivor and the survivor’s family. After the initial injury, there will be extensive treatment and rehabilitation in an attempt to restore lost function and get the victim back to a decent quality of life. The process will be painful, expensive, and lengthy.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, it is critical that you secure experienced brain injury attorneys who can help you get the financial compensation you need for your long-term care and your pain and suffering. At Cueria Law Firm, our Louisiana brain injury attorneys have years of experience defending families like yours who have been victimized by the negligence of another party and left with the damage of a life-altering injury. With the help of the diligent and determined team of legal professionals at Cueria Law Firm, you can confidently get on the road to recovery.

Long-Term Effects and Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most dangerous injuries that a person can sustain. TBI can leave victims with permanent emotional, physical, and cognitive damage that significantly affects the way they lead their everyday lives. Many survivors of TBI never regain the abilities they had before the accident, leaving them unable to work and live as they did previously.

The long-term effects of TBI vary greatly and depend on factors such as the severity of the injury and the part of the brain that was injured. Victims may experience any of the following long-term effects and symptoms after sustaining a TBI:

Cognition: memory loss, problem-solving, judgment, attention, reasoning
Motor Impairments: paralysis, lack of coordination, seizures, or spasms
Perceptual Difficulties: vision, smell, touch, or taste sensation deprivation
Behavioral Issues: anxiety, depression, uncontrollable mood swings
Speech and Language Challenges: difficult communication including writing, reading, and speaking
Social Changes: social anxiety, difficulty understanding social cues
Functional Living Skills Deficits: dressing, bathing, cleaning, organizing, eating

Have You Sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury?

The brain injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm understand the importance of having a dedicated team on your side as you begin your recovery after a TBI. The emotional and financial aftermath of the injury can be devastating. Contact the Louisiana traumatic brain injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm today so we can discuss your case and determine how we can recover damages for your current and future medical expenses.

Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury

The goal of recovery and rehabilitation after a traumatic brain injury vary from survivor to survivor. In general, your team of medical professionals and specialists seek to help you regain as much of your normal function as possible. They will then help you to develop the compensatory skills you will need to make up for the function you have lost. Finally, they will strive to help you achieve the highest quality of life possible.

As a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, you will have a long and challenging road to recovery. It is essential that you have a dedicated team of medical professionals, specialists, family and friends, and attorneys to help you through. After your injury is treated and the doctors attend to any possible physical complications of the brain injury, you will begin the rehabilitation process. A traumatic brain injury survivor will see a number of specialists during recovery. Some of the specialists most likely to be a part of your rehabilitation team include:

A physiatrist is a vital member of the brain injury rehabilitative team. He or she will be responsible for assessing the damage that the injury has caused and identifying the most appropriate course of treatment.

Neuropsychologists are medical professionals who study the changes in brain function after an injury. This doctor will look for changes in thinking patterns, behavior norms, memory and attention, or communication difficulties. Neuropsychologists work with survivors and their families to better understand the changes and how to cope with them.

Physical Therapist
A physical therapist will work with the brain injury survivor to relearn movement and coordination skills. They might also help to redevelop the strength and balance required to walk, get out of bed, and do other daily living tasks.

Occupational Therapist
The occupational therapist will identify the most effective ways to perform daily living skills in light of the deficits the survivor now faces. Some of the daily living skills an occupational therapist might assist with include shopping, dressing, bathing, or cooking.

Along with your rehabilitation team, you need a brain injury attorney who knows the law and can fight for your rights after a debilitating traumatic brain injury. Don’t hesitate and contact the skilled and compassionate Louisiana attorneys at Cueria Law Firm today.

Our team is ready to partner with you to get the compensation that you are entitled to and deserve.