Have you or a loved one been injured while on an offshore vessel? The maritime law of the United States says that an owner of a vessel where an injury has occurred can be subject to liability for any losses or damages that occur during a voyage. At Cueria Law Firm, we have seen time and time again where ship owners try to avoid being responsible for accidents that occur such as burn injuries or mechanical failures, and even death. What ship owners will do is use the Limitation of Liability Act to be able to limit the amount of liability they face if the condition of the vessel is less than seaworthy and it caused an accident or death to occur without their knowledge of the condition of the vessel.

Under this act, personal injury losses like collisions, cargo loss, and death are covered. An injured seaman will soon see how this act plays a part when trying to recover compensation. The act is used to determine the amount of coverage as well as the availability of compensation. Injured seamen often find they are not provided full coverage for loss or the injury suffered based on this act.

Because the Limitation of Liability Act plays a major role in the amount of compensation earned by the injured seaman, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side. There are several ways an offshore employee can be harmed on the job. An explosion or fire can take place, which can lead to burn injuries. In this scenario, you want an experienced Louisiana burn injury attorney by your side who understands personal injury law as well as maritime laws. In any scenario involving being out on the open water, you want to work with an attorney who has experience in handling injury claims for offshore employees.

Reliable Representation

At Cueria Law Firm, we offer reliable representation that you can count on. Our attorneys have worked with seamen before, handling personal injury claims as well as wrongful death cases. We want to help you to receive the right amount of recovery and compensation. We know the Limitation of Liability Act and can apply the law based on your individual scenario. We strive to help you, especially when a shipowner tries to limit their legal accountability for the accident.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an offshore accident or fatality of the family member, let our team help you. With our expertise and experience in maritime laws, we can easily determine if you have a case and begin the process of filing for compensation.