Any employment position on a platform in the maritime industry is both physically demanding and has the potential risk to lead to injury or even death. This industry is extremely dangerous, with every employment position being treated as such, with a heavy emphasis on safety training. Offshore positions are often located in the Persian Gulf, with American rig workers moving to the area for employment. Americans are traveling to the foreign waters to be able to make a living and support their families. While employment opportunities are there, so is the ability to become injured. Employment positions on an oil rig are dangerous and can lead to injury or a major accident. When working in foreign waters, it is important to have a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer by your side if you experience an injury while away from home.

Foreign water employment is subject to different laws than traditional employment positions. The Jones Act applies to foreign waters as well as additional maritime laws. At Cueria Law Firm, we understand these laws and how to apply them to your case. We are committed to helping rig workers of the United States when a major accident occurs overseas. We are prepared to help injured individuals obtain the compensation they deserve to be back on your feet after a major accident.

Protecting United States Offshore Workers Rights While in the Persian Gulf

There are several oil-rich countries located in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq are just a few examples. The production of oil in the region only continues to increase. American, as well as international oil and gas companies, are active in the Persian Gulf in order to be able to import oil. In the Persian Gulf, offshore employees are located on a rig or platform to complete their daily work. It is not uncommon for an employee to be injured due to fire or equipment.

A burn injury is one of the more common issues that offshore workers have to deal with. Employees can become pinned by equipment or harmed, losing a body part such as a finger or limb. Proper maintenance of equipment must be completed by the employer as well as safety training for workers. When such measures are not taken, the risk of injury or accident only increases.

When you are involved in an accident in the Persian Gulf while working offshore, let our Louisiana personal injury attorneys assist you. We can review your case and provide the necessary legal backing to help you earn compensation for your injuries.