Maritime Burn Injury Attorneys New Orleans

maritime burn injury attorney new orleans

The maritime industry is a dangerous one for every employee. Whether you work on an oil rig or vessel, you are at risk of injury. One area of injury that commonly takes place in offshore employment is burn injuries. Dealing with electrical equipment on a regular basis as well as oil, gas and other flammable chemicals, burns can occur and lead to severe injury or death. It is important to know the risk of burn injury as well as what to do if you have been injured. If a burn took place due to improper safety equipment or inadequate safety precautions, then you may be due compensation from your employer. At Cueria Law Firm, we can help you determine if filing for compensation is your next step.

Understanding Burn Severity

A burn is classified as an injury to the skin that was caused by heat, chemicals, radiation, electricity or other causes. A burn can be mild to life-threatening, classified into three categories: First degree burns, second degree, and third degree.
With a first-degree burn, the injury is superficial and affects only the outer layer of skin. The burn can be red and the pain tolerable. Minor treatment will be needed to treat this type of burn. A second-degree burn is the next level, which includes the outer and deeper layers of skin. Blistering can occur and if there is nerve damage, then pain may be significant. Medical treatment by a professional will be needed to avoid an infection.

A third-degree burn is when the outer layer of skin is burned away due to the injury. Significant damage can be present, affecting muscle and the bone. Scarring and skin loss can occur with this burn injury type. Surgery and skin grafts may be needed to repair the damage. There are fatal complications that can occur due to third-degree burns including shock, infection and respiratory distress.

Fourth, fifth and sixth-degree burns do exist and are usually fatal. The skin is burned away at these degree levels and muscle plus bone damage are present. Paralysis can occur and burn areas may require portions of the body to be amputated.

Seeking Compensation

If you have been injured while employed within the maritime industry, it is important to know your rights. A burn injury can be severe and cause disability, including losing the ability to work on a full-time basis. When you are affected by a fire injury, seek legal assistance via Cueria Law Firm to see if you can file a claim. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys are ready to provide you with the legal assistance needed to seek compensation for your burn injury. Contact our office today.