Maritime Companies Legal Tactics

Maritime Companies Legal Tactics

Employment positions within the maritime industry can be very dangerous. From working on an oil rig to a sea-worthy vessel, accidents occur on a regular basis. If you have been injured while employed by a maritime company, you may be due compensation based on the company’s negligence. A maritime company will go to great lengths to avoid paying you anything for your injuries, going so far as to trying several legal tactics. Below are a few examples of legal tactics that maritime companies may try so you know what to avoid when injured on the job. 

Avoid a Recorded Statement

If you are injured, your company may try to get you to record a statement about the injury. An insurance company may be hired to look into your injury claim and also ask for a recorded statement. However, the company you work for and an insurance company do not have your best interests at heart. The goal of the company or insurance adjuster is to get a statement from you and then use the information to try and transfer the fault to you. Instead of giving a statement, speak to our New Orleans personal injury attorneys. At Cueria Law Firm, we have the experience to help you win your case. 

Seeing A Specific Doctor

Maritime law dictates that an injured employee has the right to see their own physician when injured on the job. A maritime company, however, will often try to insist that you be treated by a doctor that works for the company. This visit could harm any claim you have. A company doctor can deny or stop any needed testing that could prove just how serious your injury is. A doctor that works for the company is not on your side. See your own physician to ensure you receive proper medical care from a professional who has your best interests in mind. 

Filing a claim for compensation after a maritime injury can be tough. The maritime company will have the money at their disposal to be able to hire attorneys to fight your case. By relying on our New Orleans personal injury attorneys, you have a team by your side that is ready to fight for you.

Don’t just listen to the company and do what they say is best when injured.

Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney at Cueria Law Firm with experience in the maritime industry to ensure you have a fighting chance with your case.