Maritime Crane Accident Attorneys Louisiana

maritime crane accident attorney louisiana

Vessels in the maritime industry often carry heavy cargo that must be loaded or unloaded at ports, as well as moved while on the vessel. To move such items, a crane or other heavy lifting equipment is used. With a crane, the machinery must be operated by an individual who has been trained and safety precautions followed. Crane injuries often occur onboard vessels, leaving maritime employees several injured or even death can occur. 

Accidents involving cranes can be avoided if the proper training is provided as well as when the vessel owner or manager ensures equipment safety. Any person who uses a crane on board a ship or on a dock needs to be properly trained. Safety protocols must be followed to ensure that no one is injured while the crane is in use. Injuries that do occur are often caused by the negligence of the operator or the ship’s owner due to improper maintenance of the machinery. 

Causes of Accidents

At Cueria Law Firm, we have represented several individuals who were injured due to a crane accident. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys have vast experience in assisting individuals who have been harmed due to the improper use of a crane or one that was not maintained as it should be. 

Cranes are used to lift heavy loads or objects and move the items to a specific area onboard the ship or on a dock. The weight of such objects can be hundreds or thousands of pounds. It is essential that training is provided to operators and that cranes are maintained correctly to ensure the safety of everyone on board. 

Mechanical errors are a common issue involving cranes and can be a reason why a crane will cause an accident. Fatigue of the components, slewing bearings that are worn out or corrosion are common issues that can cause failure of the machinery that leads to an accident. Regular maintenance checks should be scheduled by the employer to ensure the cranes used are working correctly. 

Another major cause behind a crane accident is operator error. There are several ways that an employee can operate a crane in the wrong way that can lead to an accident. If the outriggers are not set properly before a slewing maneuver is completed, it can cause an accident. If the crane is overloaded, the cargo can fall, resulting in an accident or even death. Proper communication can also be an issue. The operator of the crane needs to be in communication with others at all times as cargo is loaded and unloaded to avoid an accident. 

Overall, it is essential that training is provided to operators and that employers take time to maintain machinery to avoid accidents. At Cueria Law Firm, we are ready to assist you if you have been involved in a maritime accident with a crane.

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