With any employment position, there is some form of risk when it comes to work-related industries. In the maritime industry, the positions available for employment can be quite dangerous. Seamen are at risk of injury and even death while on the job. At Cueria Law Firm, we have experience in maritime law and can assist with any injury or accident that takes place on the job. With the maritime law, employees that have been injured offshore or within the industry have the ability to claim compensation due to medical issues.

Maritime law is very complex and involves intricacies that are hard for the average employee to understand. As maritime law changes, our attorneys keep track of legal aspects as well as compensation rates so that you are ensured fair and proper compensation based on your injury or accident claim. There are several acts that are the foundation of maritime law. These acts include the Death on the High Seas Act, Jones Act, and the Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act. When you or a loved one are subject to maritime industry accidents or injury, it is critical that your attorney is knowledgeable of such laws and has the comprehensive understanding needed to help you move forward with a claim.

Maritime Law and Employers

Based on the general maritime law, a shipowner must ensure the vessel is maintained based on certain standards. The vessel must be safe and the structure sound for every employee on board. The shipowner has a duty to ensure that the vessels are properly manned, the equipment is operating correctly, and the vessel is supplied with everything needed for a successful journey offshore. If a vessel is unseaworthy, and an employee is injured due to this, the owner of the ship can be responsible for missed wages or medical bills.

Injured Workers and Maritime Law

With maritime law, an employee of a ship is to be paid their losses when they become sick or injured. Reimbursement of loses is considered to be maintenance and cure. This basically means that the employer must provide for the injury until the seaman is fully recovered. Based on maritime law, an employee of a vessel should be able to recover full wages during the length of the voyage where the injury or illness took place.

Ship owners often try to pay old maintenance rates to injured employees in order to avoid paying more than they would like. They may also try to hand-pick the covered medical treatments in order to pay less. It is important to know your rights as an injured seaman and receive proper compensation. This is where our Louisiana attorneys come in. From a burn injury to a disability due to an accident, we can help you to recover your losses and be properly compensated.

If you find that you are affected by an injury as a seaman, contact our office today. We are happy to review your injury or accident and see if you qualify for a compensation case.