In the coastal region of Louisiana, it is not uncommon for individuals to take on employment positions as seamen, dockworkers or within the oil and gas industry. Such employees can be subject to dangerous work conditions and injuries can take place during work hours. Our attorneys at Cueria Law Firm have vast experience in assisting maritime workers who face injury due to the hazardous work conditions. It is not uncommon for injuries to occur on platforms based off-shore as well as from tankers, jack-up rigs, lay barges, crew boats, etc. When you are injured on the job, we are ready to assist you with filing a claim.

Maritime Injuries Deserve Compensation

As a maritime worker, you deserve to be compensated when injured on the job. Such dangerous work conditions can result in driving accidents, vessel accidents, equipment accidents, fire and explosions and more. With machinery and chemicals involved as well as working in offshore areas, accidents can happen that lead to minor and major injuries and even death.

It is important to discover if your injury was due to the negligence of someone else or your employer. Specific training and safety measures should be in place to ensure that every employee is safe while on the job. The work being completed is already dangerous and if you add in negligence of others, it can be a disastrous mix.

For centuries, offshore employment has been one of the most dangerous industries in existence. Sailors, oil rig workers and other offshore employees often are injured on the job due to no fault of their own. If you suffer from such an injury on the job and are facing multiple bills, the loss of work and semi-permanent or permanent disability, then you may have a case.

It is important to have your accident reviewed by an experienced New Orleans attorney. When working off-shore, you can be affected by a burn injury due to a fire or explosion, a disability after an accident involving heavy machinery, etc. There are so many ways that accidents can occur, and it is important to discover who is at fault and if you are due compensation.

With the help of our Louisiana burn injury lawyers, we can assess your injury and cause of the accident to determine if you should seek compensation. Don’t go it alone. When you are hurt on the job and need help in filing a claim, contact our office immediately. We are happy to work with you to get the compensation you deserve.