It may seem unheard of to those who have never worked as a seaman, but maritime piracy still exists. Crewmembers of vessels that travel on foreign waters can experience a pirate crew and the danger that such a group of individuals can pose. Modern-day pirates are a great threat to those on the high seas, especially considering the advancement of technology and weaponry. Today, pirates can take over ships with semi-automatic weapons and other dangerous items. With maritime work, maritime piracy is a real threat. As an employer in the offshore industry, it is important to know your rights in case of an attack by pirates. Our maritime accident attorneys at Cueria Law Firm are ready to assist you when an injury occurs due to pirate attack.

Understanding Maritime Piracy

At Cueria Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing legal counsel as well as support to individuals who have experienced injury. With the maritime industry, it is not uncommon for offshore workers to be subject to burn injury, machinery accidents, etc. Our attorneys have helped offshore employees recover the compensation needed to cover medical costs for injuries as well as additional compensation due to the individual case.

So, what is maritime piracy exactly? A piracy attack will occur overseas and seamen from America can be confused as to how compensation can be gained due to injury when an attack takes place within foreign waterways. With the help of our attorneys, you will be able to complete the filing of an injury case based on the right maritime laws. This will help to increase the amount of compensation you receive. At Cueria Law Firm, we specialize in Louisiana burn injury cases, personal injury accidents offshore, and more. We have experience and knowledge in dealing with maritime law, easily able to assist you with case needs in New Orleans and beyond.

Ship Owners/Employers and Piracy

A ship owner and/or employer must take great care to prevent or deter a piracy attack from taking place within their vessel. If you feel that safety measures were ignored by the shipowner or your employer and this put you at risk to a piracy attack, don’t try to fight your case alone. Work with our experienced attorneys so your case can be handled correctly from the very beginning. We provide you with the legal expertise to face those who were negligent, which led to a pirate attack.

Contact our office today if you or your loved one has been affected by a piracy attack on the open waters. We are happy to assist and review your case.