Louisiana Mesothelioma Litigation

            There are many mesothelioma cases being litigated in Louisiana today.  Mesothelioma litigation is complicated and defendants in these cases along with their insurance companies hire teams of lawyers to try to prove that they are not responsible for the injuries mesothelioma patients suffer.  It is important that if you or your family member is suffering from mesothelioma, you have an experienced mesothelioma attorney on your side to prove your case by presenting the proper evidence and information it takes to show that asbestos exposure caused your mesothelioma.

            The attorneys and staff at Cueria Law Firm, LLC, are fully equipped to handle your case and bring it to a resolution that is in your best interest.  Our attorneys know what it takes to win your case.  Experts play an important role in mesothelioma cases.  The Cueria Law Firm, LLC, has developed working relationships with the types of experts whose testimony is necessary for your case to be resolved in a favorable manner.  Gathering of information and investigation of your work related injuries are also an important aspect of your case.  Our attorneys and staff know what needs to be done to show that asbestos exposure at your workplace was the cause of your injuries.

We are not only available to help you navigate the tricky and challenging aspects of litigation, we are also available to help you and your family members cope with this terrible disease.  The symptoms and effects of mesothelioma and the treatments associated with the disease place a lot of strain and pressure on victims and their families.  We will work with you to alleviate as much of the stress associated with litigation and with the disease as we can.

Mesothelioma litigation has been going on in the United States since the late 1920s, shortly after the link between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma was discovered.  However, even after this link was established by numerous studies, the government and businesses themselves were slow to implement regulations and safety measures.  In fact, it was not until the late 1970s, that any types of government regulations were put in place in the United States.  Even then, many companies attempted to dodge these regulations and asbestos was still put into building materials and other manufactured products, or cleanup of asbestos was not done in a proper and thorough manner.  These companies should be held responsible for the lives they have ruined and the families they have hurt as a result of their negligence.  At Cueria Law Firm, LLC, we will see to it that the parties at fault pay for what they have done.

Mesothelioma litigation is still going on today with many hundreds of cases being filed each year.  It is important that you find a mesothelioma attorney who you can trust to handle your case properly and efficiently.  You need an attorney who will give your case personalized attention and focus.  If you have developed mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos, please call Cueria Law Firm, LLC at 504-525-5211.

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