Common mistakes after you've been in a car accident

No one wants to be involved in a car accident in New Orleans. When an accident occurs, it can be scary and stressful, as well as harmful to those involved due to injury or even death. If you have never been in a car accident before, you may have no idea what to expect or how to act once the accident has happened. Knowing what mistakes to avoid can ensure that you are not found at fault or liable for something you did not do. Read on to learn more about common mistakes to avoid after being involved in a car accident in New Orleans.

MISTAKE 1: Giving a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

The first mistake you can make after an accident is agreeing to give a recorded statement to your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company. You must first consult with a New Orleans auto accident attorney as an insurance representative will be skilled in manipulating what you say and what you say can hurt your case. Many drivers have no idea that what they are saying is actually going to destroy their case before it even gets started. If you have not been through this process before, or are unsure of what to do, speak with a Louisiana car accident attorney first. Your attorney will be able to help you determine if you should give a statement and will be with you to ensure that you are not treated unfairly.

MISTAKE 2: Delaying Treatment for Medical Needs

A second mistake that is commonly made is delaying treatment for medical needs. Some insurance companies will promise to help you and many accident victims think that this means that the company will help with medical treatment. Insurance companies are not prepared to help anyone who is injured with medical treatment. A gap in treatment will actually hurt your case and insurance companies know this. To avoid this issue, be sure to have treatment completed as soon as possible. Never wait for your insurance company to tell you when to go for treatment as they never will.

MISTAKE 3: Seeing Only Doctors Recommended by An Insurance Company

Another issue that is commonly seen is that accident victims are told to see company doctors by insurance companies. An insurance company may imply that you can only see the doctors they recommend. This is not true. You can see your own doctors or whoever you like. If you see only their doctors, it can hurt your case. An insurance company will steer you towards a doctor that they want you to see and they will pay for their services. The doctors know how they are being paid and may be biased based on who is providing them with compensation.

Avoid this mistake by seeing the doctors you want to see and who you have trust in. Tell the doctor how you are feeling, what is hurting and what happened so you can receive a proper diagnosis.

MISTAKE 4: Not Telling the Truth

Accident victims should always tell the truth during their case. There will be opportunities to lie but you should never stretch the truth as it could hurt your case. Even a small misrepresentation can hurt your case and lessen your credibility. To avoid this issue, be sure to tell the truth when talking to your doctor, personal injury lawyer, insurance company, etc.

MISTAKE 5: Choosing to Settle Without Speaking to a Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney

Another mistake that is often made is an accident victim will settle without speaking to a New Orleans personal injury attorney. An insurance company will hope that you do this without seeking representation from legal counsel. This makes their job more difficult as lawyers are more well-versed on the rights of the car accident victim. Insurance companies will work fast to try and see your settle your case for a low value within days of the incident. The insurance company will make you believe they are on your side but they are not. They want the case to be settled so they are not out too much money and litigation does not begin.

Avoid the mistake of settling early by speaking to an experienced New Orleans car accident attorney. A representative will be able to help you determine which direction to go in regards to your case.

Speak to a Louisiana car accident attorney today if you or a loved one have been involved in an automobile accident. Contact our office so one of our representatives can assist you.