Most Common Offshore Injuries

Most Common Offshore Injuries

At Cueria Law Firm, we are based in New Orleans, Louisiana, so we are accustomed to assisting individuals who suffer from injuries based on offshore employment. Seamen, dockworkers, employees of oil rigs, etc. have all benefited from our services. The offshore industry is very dangerous, with hazardous working conditions, which can lead to injury or even death. When you or someone you love has been injured during offshore employment, we can provide legal advice based on your individual case. 

Common Causes of Offshore Injury

There are many ways that an employee within the offshore industry can be hurt while on the job. There is danger within each area of employment, from diving to operating crane machinery. Below are a few examples of who one can be injured while on the job. 

  • Diving accident—divers can easily become injured due to sea life, equipment malfunction or improper training, along with unsafe weather conditions. 
  • Crane Failure—cranes that are improperly maintained or operated poorly can lead to injury to the driver or others in the vicinity
  • Slip and fall—areas of the ship that are not maintained can lead to slip and falls such as railings or decking
  • Vessel collision—if the vessel you work on collides with another, it can lead to injury or even death
  • Explosion or fire—it is not uncommon for employees of oil rigs offshore to suffer from an injury due to an explosion or fire
  • Lifting accident—another area of concern is lifting equipment or materials. Whether by hand or by machinery, lifting heavy materials can result in injury

Types of Injuries

Such incidents as listed above can lead to common injuries of offshore employees. Back injury, lost limbs, head injuries and more an all be caused when working in this dangerous environment. Injuries can be minor or major, even leading to death. Great care should be taken by your employer to ensure the work environment is safe and that all employees are trained properly. With safe work conditions and properly trained staff, the work environment is safe, and accidents are less likely to occur. 

If you or someone you love has been involved in an offshore accident while on the job, due to someone else’s negligence, contact our office today.

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