Most Common Risks for Jones Act Seamen

Most Common Risks for Jones Act Seamen Louisiana

Seamen who work on vessels out on the open water are protected by the Jones Act when it comes to injury. Based on the legal aspects of the Jones Act, seamen can file a claim for compensation based on injuries they were subject to while employed. At Cueria Law Firm, we have represented several individuals who were injured on the job. When you or a loved one are hurt as a maritime worker, our New Orleans personal injury attorneys can help. 

On the Job Hazards

As a seaman, you have probably already experienced a few on the job hazards. The life of a seaman is very dangerous as the employment position is plagued with hazards that can lead to injury or even death. Learn the common accident hazards can help you to avoid injury in the future.

The most common injuries on the job include: 

  • Falling into the water off the ship or rig
  • Falling from a structure on the ship onto the deck
  • Slips and falls on the deck
  • Injury while performing strenuous duties
  • Falling object strikes the body
  • Moving objects like cargo or mooring lines strike the body
  • Entangled in mooring lines
  • Steam or engine exhaust burns
  • Cold injury due to extreme temperatures
  • Shocked by electrical equipment
  • Poisoning from cargo
  • Poisoning from ship cleaning supplies
  • Poisoning from food or drinking water that is contaminated or spoiled 
  • Injury due to explosion

These are just a few of the injury types that seamen are subject to when employed in a maritime position. It is important that all employees have proper training when working on a vessel as well as the owner supplying quality tools and equipment for the daily workload. When employees are not trained properly, and equipment is faulty, the risk of accident or injury only increases. 

Vessel owners have a duty to create a safe and secure environment for employees. When the environment is not safe, employees are at risk of injury and even death. When a seaman is injured on the job, the Jones Act provides an outlet for compensation. If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, contact Cueria Law Firm today. 

Our experienced attorneys can assist in reviewing your case and learning more about how you were injured. With our help, a claim for compensation can be filed and you will be well on your way to earn the monetary help you need due to the extent of your injury.