Motorcycle Accidents and Vehicular Negligence

Motorcycle Lawyer New OrleansAccidents on the roadway are unfortunately inevitable. There is no perfect driver. No matter what caused the accident, whether drivers were distracted, inattentive or worse, a collision can lead to costly repairs and/or even medical bills and recovery—especially when there is a motorcycle involved.

Distracted driving has become a much larger problem in recent years, and many drivers on the road don’t think to look for motorcyclists before they make a move. Rush hour can be an even easier time for an accident to occur as frustrated drivers are only thinking of reaching their destination and not paying attention to what’s around them. These examples are why it’s no surprise that the risk for a fatal crash for a motorcyclist is 35 times higher than someone in a passenger car.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, your ride, as well as roadway safety, is an important passion. Enjoying a drive through the beautiful landscape that Louisiana and the Gulf Coast has to offer is what your motorcycle was made for. Therefore, if you’ve been involved in an accident or wreck, the ultimate goal is to get your bike back on the road as fast as possible.

Our New Orleans Motorcycle Lawyer Can Help

The Cueria Law Firm Motorcycle Lawyer will thoroughly investigate your motorcycle accident to make sure you and your family are taken care of throughout the recovery process. Even with Louisiana’s mandatory helmet law, motorcycle accidents can result in some serious injuries. Our motorcycle lawyer will bring the right expertise to your accident investigation and can get the results you need when bringing your case to court.

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