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Aviation and Helicopter Accidents

  Airplanes and helicopters are complex machines that must meet specific and strict requirements of design, standards, and maintenance. Cueria Law Firm, LLC is experienced in representing people who were hurt or injured in aviation and helicopter cases. Attorney Brent…

Helicopter in Sky

Helicopters are used daily in Louisiana maritime and offshore industry, as well as by emergency response teams.


Airplanes and helicopters are complex machines that must meet specific and strict requirements of design, standards, and maintenance. Cueria Law Firm, LLC is experienced in representing people who were hurt or injured in aviation and helicopter cases. Attorney Brent Cueria was counsel for a passenger in the Air New Orleans litigation, and he has handled numerous cases involving Louisiana helicopter negligence.

New Orleans Helicopter Accident Attorney

In Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast, helicopters are frequently used in the maritime industry, by emergency responders and government agencies. They are easy to maneuver and can go over land and sea, making them a go-to option for transport. These aircraft require a highly trained individual to design, manufacture, and operate.

Help Paying For Injuries Received In a Helicopter Crash

For those who survive a helicopter crash, the injuries they sustain are often life-altering. While they are lucky to have made it out of the accident, these injuries require costly treatment, lifestyle changes such as accessibility ramps, as well as costly medical charges.

Proving Negligence in a Helicopter or Aviation Case

If you or a loved one have been injured due to another party’s negligence, we urge you to discuss your case with a helicopter accident attorney. During your consultation, the helicopter accident attorney will review the facts of your case to determine which parties were negligent and who is responsible for your injuries. Depending on what they find, this lawyer can help you file a helicopter accident claim against:

  • The pilot that was operating the helicopter at the time of the crash and who may have flown irresponsibly.
  • The owner of the company who employed the pilot for negligent hiring or training them.
  • The manufacturer of the helicopter, if they ignored industry standards and regulations.
  • Maintenance or the hangar-keeper who failed to keep the helicopter in working condition.
  • Air traffic control, who may have negligently allowed the helicopter to fly a path which led to the helicopter accident.

Offshore Helicopter Accidents

Helicopter accidents are the most common fatalities on oil rig deaths, accounting for 75% of the transportation accidents in the maritime industry. The risk of helicopter accidents is so prevalent in this industry that many oil and gas companies are providing accident survival training for those individuals who visit their offshore facilities. They understand that there are many ways things can go wrong when a helicopter is being used, including:

  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Improperly maintained helicopters
  • Pilot error or negligence
  • Mechanical failure of the aircraft

The Federal Aviation Administration maintains a strict set of rules which involve specific safety requirements to prevent offshore accidents involving helicopters. These include making changes to the kinds of helicopters which can be used in the industry and the safety equipment on board including:

  • Larger windows which allow for easier escape from the aircraft
  • High-quality flotation devices to ensure survival in the water
  • Underwater air systems in the event they cannot escape a downed helicopter

Even with these changes, the use of a helicopter is still one of the most dangerous parts of working offshore. With over 4000 oil rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico, the workers must know their rights in the event of a helicopter accident.


If you have been involved in a helicopter accident, we strongly recommend you contact our helicopter accident attorney right away. The attorneys and staff at Cueria Law Firm, LLC, can examine the facts of your case and determine which damages you may be able to receive financial compensation for. You can contact our office to speak with a helicopter accident attorney by calling (504) 525-5211.



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Attorney Brent Cueria founded the Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C. located in New Orleans, in order to focus on the representation of injured individuals, where his true passion is. Mr. Cueria uses his past experience to diligently advocate for the injured and disabled clients he now represents against the insurance companies.




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Wonderful law firm! Friendly staff, friendly attorney! I love this place and will definitely recommend Mr. Cueria to anyone!
Jataun Cooper
Jataun Cooper
16:50 11 Dec 19
Mr. Brent and his team his paralegals were very helpful in every step of the processes involving my legal dispute.They were completely understanding in every part of this.I am very thankful for them.
brandon newton
brandon newton
21:43 26 Sep 19
Had a Great experience. These guys are great and fast. They are on it. Y’all need to check out this law firm. Check them out u won’t be sorry but you will get a fair settlement because they are fair people. Been hurt??? Don’t wait. Call them today and let them litigate...
carolyn clay
carolyn clay
20:56 18 Jul 19
Brent is very professional and easy to work with. He made sure I was taken care of better than I expected. Very nice man and great team!
Kristin Marks
Kristin Marks
19:45 29 May 19
Mr. Brent Cueria does an amazing job! He was always available for any questions or concerns that I had. There was never a moment that he wouldn't take the time to help me out and keep me updated on the process of my case! A great attorney and an amazing guy!
Kevin Byrd
Kevin Byrd
15:59 08 May 19
Awesome caring firm that puts the clients needs first always. Brent was an exceptional lawyer and good person. I highly recommend Cueria Law Firm.
Cat D
Cat D
14:19 24 Apr 19
I had a good experience with this firm. The staff was professional and protected my personal interest. I would definitely recommend them.
Tameka Lewis
Tameka Lewis
22:35 07 Feb 19
Mr. Cueria was amazing, helped me beyond my expectations, they answer the phone and respond promptly to their clients. Very easy going, respectful, and professional.
April Washington
April Washington
21:59 10 Jan 19
Very nice reliable law firm... we really had good experience with him. And we are really thankful. I recommend him to everyone.
Salwan Ibrahimi
Salwan Ibrahimi
22:43 08 Nov 18
Mr. Brent is a great personal injury attorney as well as a caring attorney. He is always available to talk and answer all our questions. Mr. Brent does not take you on as just a client. He treats you like family.
Rashonda Matthews
Rashonda Matthews
17:11 01 Nov 18
The BEST in New Orleans!! I came into this office not knowing what would be the outcome of my case, and Brent assured me he got this! A big thanks to him and his staff for all your hard work!! I’m telling you if you need someone to represent he’s definitely the guy to call!! Love you guys! Until next time !😁
Allison Johnson
Allison Johnson
15:40 11 Oct 18
Highly recommended!! He’s a very caring attorney!! Gets the job done!!
Juju Giambe
Juju Giambe
21:14 22 Mar 18
Great experience. Very professional and personal at the same time. Highly recommended.
Hortense Ambrose
Hortense Ambrose
17:33 05 Mar 18
Mr. Cueria is very professional and works hard to assure that you received the best of outcome possible. Mr. Cueria and his staffed worked diligintly to give me the best settlement possible. I was very satisfied. -
Erica Ross
Erica Ross
13:17 07 Feb 18
I Love Mr. Brent. They handle me with tender loving care
Shannan Holmes
Shannan Holmes
08:55 30 Jan 18
This was my first experience ever having a lawyer and I was very grateful and it was very pleasant. Everything worked out for the best and I would definitely recommend Brent.
Lionel Vicknair
Lionel Vicknair
16:06 07 Dec 17

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