Helicopter in Sky

Helicopters are used daily in Louisiana maritime and offshore industry, as well as by emergency response teams.

Airplanes and helicopters are complex machines that must meet specific and strict requirements as to design, standards and maintenance. Cueria Law Firm, LLC is experienced in representing persons hurt or injured in aviation and helicopter cases. Attorney Brent Cueria was counsel for a passenger in the Air New Orleans litigation, and he has handled numerous cases involving Louisiana helicopter negligence.

New Orleans Helicopter Accident Attorney

In Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast, helicopters are used by maritime industries, emergency responders and government agencies. They are easy to maneuver and can go over land and sea, making them a go-to option for transport. But these aircraft require a highly trained individual to design, manufacture and operate.

Getting Help Paying For Injuries Received In a Helicopter Crash

For those who survive a helicopter crash, the injuries they sustain are often life-altering. While they are lucky to have made it out of the accident, these injuries require costly treatment, lifestyle changes such as accessibility ramps or other medical charges.

Proving Negligence in a Helicopter or Aviation Case

If you or a loved one were injured due another party’s negligence, you will need to discuss your case with a helicopter accident attorney. During this consultation the helicopter accident attorney will review the facts of your case to determine which parties may be found negligent and thus responsible for your injuries. Depending on what they find, this lawyer can help you file a helicopter accident claim against:

  • The pilot operating the helicopter at the time of the crash, who may have irresponsibly driven.
  • The owner of the company who employed the pilot for irresponsible hiring or training them.
  • The manufacturer of the helicopter who may have ignored industry standards and regulations.
  • Maintenance workers who failed to keep the helicopter in working condition or the hangar-keeper who .
  • Air traffic control, who may have negligently allowed the helicopter to fly a path which caused the helicopter accident.

Offshore Helicopter Accidents

Helicopter accidents are the most common fatalities on oil rig deaths, accounting for 75% of the transportation accidents in the maritime industry. The risk of helicopter accidents is so prevalent in this industry, that many oil and gas companies are providing accident survival training for those individuals who visit their offshore facilities. They understand that there are a number of ways things can go wrong when a helicopter is being used including:

  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Improperly maintained helicopters
  • Pilot error or negligence
  • Mechanical failure of the helicopter

The Federal Aviation Administration maintains a strict set of rules which involve certain safety requirements to prevent offshore accidents involving helicopters. These include making changes to the kinds of helicopters which can be used in the industry and the safety equipment onboard including:

  • Larger windows which allow for easier escape from the helicopter
  • High quality flotation devices to ensure survival in the water
  • Underwater air systems in the event they cannot escape a downed helicopter

Even with these changes, the use of a helicopter is still one of the most dangerous parts of working offshore. With over 4000 oil rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico, it is vital that the workers know their rights in the event of a helicopter accident.

If you have been involved in a helicopter accident we strongly recommend you contact our helicopter accident attorney. The attorneys and staff at Cueria Law Firm, LLC, will be able to examine the facts of your case and determine which damages you are able to receive financial compensation for. You can contact our office to speak with a helicopter accident attorney by calling (504) 525-5211.