Based on the state law of Louisiana, insurance companies must treat you fairly. When a car accident occurs, an insurance company must provide you with fair treatment, whether you are filing a claim against another driver or against your own car insurance based on an uninsured motorist policy. Legally, you have the right to require an insurance company to pay the claim with reasonable compensation as well as within a decent time frame.

What is a bad faith claim in New Orleans?

Bad faith claims are defined as the intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, misleading another, entering into an agreement without the intention or means to fulfill it, or violating basic standards of honesty in dealing with others. (1)

You may have a bad faith claim against your insurance agency when they refuse to treat you fairly and neglect to compensate you according to your insurance contract.

Additional compensation may be entitled to you if you have provided all information required to the insurance company and your claim has not been paid. If the insurance company is unable to provide a defense or excuse that is reasonable, you may be able to file for further compensation. A car accident attorney in New Orleans will be able to assist you with fighting for compensation. Insurance policies have obligations that must be met based on contract agreements. If your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company is not acting accordingly, contact a New Orleans attorney specializing in car accidents for assistance.

Is your insurance company giving you the run-around?

If you have taken every step needed in order to file a claim and receive proper compensation and the insurance still refuses to provide payment with no reasonable excuse, it’s time to hire an experienced car accident attorney, one who deals with car accident cases in New Orleans. A qualified attorney will be able to determine if the insurance company was acting in bad faith and if you are entitled to even more recovery.

If a loved one or yourself has been involved in a long battle with an insurance company due to a car accident, contact our office today. Our attorneys can assist you in learning more about your claim.

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