With over 57 million people riding a bicycle at least once throughout the summer nationwide, the threat of being injured in a bicycle accident in New Orleans is a very real possibility.  In such cases, our attorney represents those hurt by the negligence of another to help them heal properly with a sufficient settlement.

At Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C. our New Orleans bicycle accident attorney has witnessed the devastation of a bike accident first hand, and wants to help those who are injured as a result of driver negligence get their lives back. Even with protective gear and a bicycle helmet, riders are no match for the physical size of a passenger vehicle, especially one that is speeding or manned by a distracted driver. Whether you are riding your bike for recreation, commuting or exercise, the danger of a bicycle accident is all too real, even when you are riding within the rules and guidelines established by the state of Louisiana’s roadways. With over twenty years of bicycle accident injury representation under our belts, our lawyer will represent you or your injured family member with commitment and determination in holding the negligent party responsible for your bike accident.

Our bike accident lawyer in New Orleans provides free consultations to help those who were injured while riding to understand their rights while we uncover the facts of the case in their entirety. The physical injuries that result from a bicycle accident can require extended medical care, if not lifelong rehabilitation, to ensure you or your loved one returns to their previous physical capacity. What is more, being involved in a bike accident can shake the emotional stability out from under even the most confident riders, leaving them psychologically scarred from the experience. Our dedicated lawyer will help recover your financial, emotional and physical losses in full by pursuing the driver who caused your bike accident with fervor and intensity until the ideal outcome occurs.

Bicycle Accident Injuries and Statistics

Our New Orleans bicycle accident attorney has over two decades of experience in representing those who have been injured as the result of another driver’s negligence while the injured party was on his or her bicycle. We understand that the injuries and necessary care to treat them are extensive and daunting to a family who works hard to make ends meet. We want to help our clients solidify a financial settlement that will allow them to heal fully without the worry of mounting medical bills and lost wages.

Bike accident statistics are overwhelming, and although bicyclists share the same rules of the road, all too often drivers simply overlook their existence and cause severe injuries as a result.

In 2011 alone, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reported the following bicycle accident statistics:

  • 675: Total Traffic Deaths in Louisiana; 18 were Bicyclists
  • 677: Total Bicycle Accident Fatalities Nationwide; 2% of total Traffic Fatalities
  • 48,000: Number of Bicyclist Injured in a Bike Accident
  • 37%: Percentage of Alcohol-impaired Motorists involved in Bicycle Accidents
  • 16%: Total Number of Bicyclists Injured in a Bike Accident Ages 14 and Under

No matter how you sustained an injury, whether the driver completely ignored your bicycle’s right of way or simply wasn’t paying attention, the medical costs necessary to counter these injuries can be astronomical. Hardworking individuals and families could easily be devastated by the expense, which is why our New Orleans bicycle accident attorney works so hard to help ease the pain by holding the negligent party responsible for your care. Lost wages, permanent damage, and even ongoing medical needs are all important when you have been injured to the point where nothing else matters. We understand, and our lawyer wants to help you recover these damages in full so you can focus on healing.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, do not be intimidated by insurance company attorneys or private lawyers who are offering a quick, low ball cash settlement. You injuries deserve proper care and assessment, and we can help you counter their responses with a professionally prepared case against the negligent driver. Contact our New Orleans bicycle attorney today at 504-525-5211 to discuss your injuries, and how we can help you heal completely with a sufficient settlement.

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