When a motor vehicle accident occurs, those involved can feel out of sorts, unsure as to what to do in regards to seeking medical treatment or filing an insurance claim. Some people are angry and want justice served right away while others just want to forget the accident ever happened. While you are stressing out about what to do and what will happen next, plus recovering from any injuries, the insurance company wants you to sign medical release forms and give a statement that will be recorded as to what happened. This process only adds to your confusion and can add to issues if you decide to file a claim in New Orleans.

Be Wary of Signing Medical Release Forms without an Attorney

You may hear the term medical release form and think it is just a simple form to fill out about the accident and your injuries. While that is the basic gist of the form, there is more to it than that. The insurer is trying to find out the injuries you suffered and how they were treated in order to see what compensation is needed. However, if you give the wrong information or too much information, it can affect your Louisiana car accident case.

By consulting with an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney, you can determine if the form needs to be filled out, what you should say and how much information you should present. A blanket release form would give the company access to your full medical history if signed. This is not something you want to do and your attorney will confer with you which types of release forms to complete and what to say in order to be able to file a claim.

Do Not Sign a Blanket Release Form

If the insurance company is asking you to sign a blanket release form, then they want access to your full medical history in order to be able to find out if you have a pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions could be a way that the insurance firm is able to deny your personal injury claim. Such a condition would be something you dealt with before the crash. If you have complained of back or neck pain before the crash and are filing personal injury due to those same injuries, the company would argue that your issue is a pre-existing one, even if this is not the truth.

This is where your New Orleans car accident attorney comes in. There is no need for you to provide your entire medical history as it has no impact on your current injuries sustained during the car wreck. The best way to protect personal information such as your medical history is to first consult with a personal injury attorney before you sign any papers that will give medical history clearance to an insurance company. You want to receive the best advice as to what you need to do regarding medical release forms before moving forward.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident and need assistance with insurance claims, contact our New Orleans Law Firm today. We are happy to assist with reviewing your case and determining the next step to take.