Hit and run accident attorney New Orleans

Hit and Run Accidents

The term hit and run is used when a vehicle accident occurs and the driver leaves the scene. In a case of a hit and run accident in New Orleans, the incident can involve two or more vehicles or a driver who has hit a pedestrian. Whenever you are involved in an accident, it is your responsibility to stay on the scene, exchange insurance information with the other individuals involved as well as talk to police or medical personnel depending on the severity of the crash. But what do you do when you are hit and the other party leaves the scene?

In the state of Louisiana, the law recognizes a hit and run as the deliberate failure of the driver involved in the accident or the one causing an accident to stop at the scene of the car wreck, provide identity and reasonable aid. This type of accident does not necessarily have to include physical contact. For example, if another driver hits a pedestrian or light pole due to a driver swerving their car into the other lane and they then flee the scene, it is considered a hit and run incident.

What if you are involved in a hit and run in New Orleans

It is best to have a New Orleans personal injury attorney by your side to try and find out who caused the crash and seek compensation. The police report can be reviewed, witnesses questioned and perhaps camera footage from the area that can help find the driver who fled the scene. You have the right to seek compensation, especially if you are injured or your vehicle damaged.

When a driver leaves the scene of an accident and is at fault, you lose out on any insurance claim as you do not have access to their insurance information. You will be unable to contact the other driver’s insurance company in the hopes of being compensated for repairs or medical needs. This means you will have to use your insurance or pay out of pocket for any expenses incurred due to the accident.

A hit and run accident can create several issues and involve loss. The injured party should hire an experienced attorney in New Orleans to assist with building a case. An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to handle such accidents and has the resources on hand to be able to provide for medical needs plus find experts to assist in creating the case for a successful outcome.

Being involved in a hit and run accident can be scary and damaging. Learn more about your legal rights by contacting our office today. Our Louisiana car accident attorneys are happy to review your claim and help you decide how to pursue your case.