As a firm with offices located on the Gulf Coast, the attorneys and staff at Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C. understand the devastation that inevitably follows a natural disaster such as a hurricane. After a hurricane hits the wreckage left in its wake can be overwhelming and demoralizing. Thousands of people can be left homeless, jobless, and without the most basic necessities. Natural disasters not only destroy property, they also disrupt businesses. Communities affected can continue to suffer long after the storm has passed, as evidenced by towns and communities struck by the recent Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Sandy.

It is important that after disaster strikes you are prepared to take certain steps to ensure full recovery. You should immediately report any loss that might be covered by your insurance policy in order to preserve your claim. You should do this by telephone and in writing. You should also make a list of all of your property damaged or destroyed by the storm or other disaster. If you are able take pictures of any damage to your property and collect contact information from witnesses. Keep a record of your expenses such as alternative housing and any receipts you may have for items lost in the storm.

If you become involved in disputes with your insurance company as a result of a natural disaster, the attorneys and staff at Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C. are here to help. We are here to advise and aid you in determining whether or not you have a claim for relief after a natural disaster.

If your insurance company refuses to pay your claim completely, refuses to pay the full amount of your claim, does not pay your claim in a timely manner, or breaches any of its duties you should immediately contact our attorneys who have the expertise needed to fight back. Our attorneys represent homeowners and business owners, and we will give you the individual attention you deserve. We will study and understand your complicated insurance policy to make sure that you receive the most relief possible.

We believe in personalized attention. Our initial meeting will be face-to-face at the client’s home. Together with local counsel, we are able to represent clients throughout the country and are willing to schedule a meeting at your home at your convenience. This meeting involves no out-of-pocket cost or obligation to the injured party or the family. Our goal is to ensure recovery for you and your family.

Some natural disaster cases have resulted in large jury verdicts being awarded against insurance companies who acted in bad faith by failing to pay full policy benefits owed to those insured.

Most insurance cases settle out of court. Therefore, our goal is to work quickly and diligently towards a settlement with as little involvement by you as possible. Our goal is to make the process simple and stress-free. In fact, the vast majority of our cases settle out of court.

If you have any questions regarding natural disaster or hurricane litigation please contact us at 504-595-1603.