If you have ever had to deal with insurance adjusters, then you know the process is never fun. When it comes to car accidents in New Orleans, dealing with car insurance adjusters can be stressful and damaging to your case. When you are involved in a car accident, an adjuster will contact you to ask for a recorded statement, asking you to sign release forms and other documents. These adjusters will act friendly, but they are merely using insurance company tactics to get what they need. The adjusters are not necessarily concerned about helping you or your best interests.

They are trying to minimize your claim or eliminate it. Before you speak to an adjuster in regards to your Louisiana car accident, speak with an experienced New Orleans accident attorney first. You will be able to learn more about common mistakes made by individuals involved in car crashes and how claims can be damaged due to acting based on insurance company tactics.

Once you are involved in a car accident and are injured, the last thing you want to do is argue with the insurance company. The insurance company is supposed to help you but they will take advantage of you in your situation in order to avoid paying up so their profits will be maximized. Read on to see what common tactics are used by insurance companies to meet their needs instead of yours, the victim.

Hiring Cheap Labor

An insurance claim adjustor should be experienced and know what they are talking about when dealing with automobile insurance claims and a car accident. However, many insurance companies hire inexperienced and cheap labor to give you a denial of a claim or negligible payout based on a computer program telling them what you should be paid instead of looking at your individual situation.

Standard Claims Adjustment Software

This type of software only benefits the insurance company and not you the victim. With such standardized software, the insurance company can decide how much to play each claim type, which keeps costs down. However, a personal injury attorney will tell you that this is not how claims should be paid. Compensation should be based on the individual case regarding injury, accident and individuals involved, not based on a software algorithm.

Law Firm on Retainer

An insurance company will keep a law firm on retainer to fight against your claim. The lawyers are experienced in fighting every type of claim and most accident victims do not want to be involved in a long and drawn out legal battle to be compensated. While you may think you are dealing with an adjuster for your claim, you are just dealing with an attorney that is working correctly for the insurance company.

Deny a Claim or Pay Minimal Damages

The goal of an insurance company is to make money, so they will deny your claim or pay minimal damages to increase their bottom line. A claim will be denied, delayed or defended to see you go away and never come back. When you are involved in a New Orleans car wreck, you must seek assistance so this doesn’t happen to you. The insurance adjuster will try to wear you down so you will give up. A personal injury attorney will not give up and will fight for your rights to fair compensation.

If you are involved in a car accident, contact our New Orleans law office today for assistance. Let us handle your insurance claims so you can receive fair and just compensation.