Jackup Rig Accidents

Maritime companies that operate offshore need the right equipment to get things accomplished. While offshore platforms are the more common type of structure that the maritime industry utilizes, there are other types of platforms that help companies handle specific tasks. Jackup rigs are self-elevating platforms that can be transported to wherever they’re needed, making them essential to the offshore maritime industry.  Unfortunately, due to the hazards that jackup rig employees face on a daily basis, employment on the platform can be dangerous.

What is a Jackup Rig?

A jackup rig is named for the fact that it is able to self-elevate through raising or lowering itself into the required position above sea level. This maneuverability allows maritime companies the opportunity to handle complicated tasks, such as oil drilling operations or wind farm construction. Utilized offshore, jackup rig employees face the many of the same dangers as offshore workers. Uncontrollable weather conditions, improperly maintained equipment, slippery surfaces, and unsafe workspaces can lead to major injury from a jackup rig accident. If a company doesn’t operate with safety in mind, they are putting their maritime workers at risk of serious accident.

Jackup Rig Injuries

An injury on-the-job in the maritime industry can easily result in expensive medical bills, unexpected time off work, long recovery periods and even can be fatal. This is why it’s important to speak to a maritime injury lawyer to make sure your company is taking care of you and your family. A maritime attorney knows the ins and outs of maritime law and can be your expert in the field to help you get the compensation you deserve.

New Orleans-based Cueria Law firm are expert maritime lawyers who can help ensure the company is held responsible for their poorly managed operations. If you were hurt while working on a jackup rig, it’s important to get the right expertise to litigate your case. A company that puts its staff at risk of accident and injury should be held liable. Let the Cueria maritime attorneys handle pursuing damages so that you can start focusing and getting fully recovered.