Motorcycle Accident Attorney New OrleansBeing involved in a motorcycle accident in New Orleans can have devastating effects on the rider and his or her family. Our motorcycle lawyer is here to investigate your accident and help you sort through the motor bike crash details to ensure nothing is left to chance in order for you to recover physically and financially.

Our New Orleans motorcycle accident injury lawyer has represented hundreds of motorcyclists and their families over the past two decades and continues to work tirelessly to place our client in the best position possible to recover their particular claim. When a vehicle causes a motorcycle crash, the injuries can be so severe that they require lifelong treatment, or worse, could lead to death. The sheer impact of a two ton vehicle colliding with a motorcycle leaves the biker in a vulnerable state, even with a helmet and protective gear. Our lawyer understands the ramifications of a motor bike crash injury and wants to help you and your family recover physically and financially so you can pick up the pieces of your life and move forward in a positive direction.

For over twenty years, our New Orleans motorcycle accident attorney has helped families get through the difficulty of increased medical bills, lost wages and the lifelong physical and emotional trauma that results from a motor bike accident. We establish an immediate comfort level by providing each of our prospective clients with a free consultation, while listening to each detail unfold. Our motorcycle lawyer in New Orleans has represented motorcycle accident victims and their families in every capacity, countering insurance company lawyers and private attorneys with the facts of the accident to ensure our clients come out on top.

New Orleans Attorney Brent Cueria talking about Motorcycle Accident Claims.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Statistics

At the Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., our motorcycle accident attorney in New Orleans realizes that even with a mandatory helmet law in the state of Louisiana, sometimes the protective headgear is not enough to keep our clients from suffering physically and emotionally from a motor bike crash. Not only is the bike destroyed, but broken bones and head injuries are an all too common result. We want to help our clients recover financially and return to their lives with confidence and a commitment to remaining healthy.

Motorcycle crash statistics paint a sobering picture of the reality of these collisions, and our lawyer wants to help those who have been struck by a vehicle because the driver was negligent in his or her operational duties.

In 2011, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • 4.502 People were Killed in Motorcycle Accidents
  • $12 Billion: Total Economic Burden from Crash-related Injuries and Deaths in One Year
  • 175,000: Non-fatal Motorcycle Injuries

When a motorcycle accident does not result in death, the injuries can be severe, and have been reported as follows:

  • Head & Neck Injuries: 22%
  • Upper Trunk: 20%
  • Lower Trunk: 8%
  • Arm/Hand: 18%
  • Leg/Foot: 30%

Injuries suffered during a motor bike accident can leave the rider with broken bones, brain injuries, spine injuries and even abrasions that require skin grafting or extended healing time. It is our duty as a professional legal firm to help our clients recover financially, so they are not strapped with the burden of paying for medical care on their own.

At the Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., we are committed to helping our clients heal fully while building a successful case on their behalf so the worries of returning to work before they are ready can be put aside with confidence. Our attorney and legal team provide stability and determination that helps our clients get through this difficult time knowing they have obtained the best representation available in the city of New Orleans.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to receive legal guidance that will allow you to rest easy while you recover. Our lawyer will provide that reassurance while aggressively pursuing the negligent party responsible for your injuries. Contact our New Orleans attorney today at 504-525-5211 to discuss the details of your accident so we can help you begin healing without delay.

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