New Orleans Spud Barge Accident Attorney

Employment on a spud barge requires a specific type of training due to the fact that maritime employees work alongside important construction equipment. Since a spud barge is dangerous environment, safety is even more important due to the barge’s many hazards. This is why it’s important for maritime companies to properly train their employees and keep safety a priority throughout operations.

What is a Spud Barge?

A spud barge is an important vessel in the maritime industry. Helping provide a secured construction platform while on the water, the barge is held in place through the use of a vertical steel shaft known as a spud. A spud barge typically makes use of a forward and aft spud controlled by a spud winch. One of the main dangers of working on a spud barge is if there is an equipment failure or human error and the spud drops unexpectedly. This type of accident can lead to serious injury for spud barge employees and unfortunately, can even be fatal.

Hazards of Working on a Spud Barge

A spud barge worker faces many hazards on a daily basis. Slippery and wet surfaces, unsecured spuds, winch or cable failure, and even explosions and/or fires are just some of the issues that maritime employees on a spud barge may have to handle. These incidents are largely preventable if a maritime company handles their operations appropriately with the correct safety precautions and training for employees.

If the company you’ve worked for has negligently put your safety at risk and caused an accident, you are entitled to compensation. Our maritime lawyer will skillfully represent you in court as you and your family fully recover from the toll of your injuries. Consult our National maritime attorney and you’ll be sure you have the best representation possible when you bring your case to court.