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Our New Orleans truck accident attorneys have represented hundreds of trucking accident victims for over twenty years. We have a successful track record due to our commitment to fighting for your rights and our extensive experience assisting accident victims.

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What Our Trucking Accident Attorney Knows From 25 Years of Experience:

Trucking Accident Victims Suffer in Numerous Ways

When a driver is involved in an auto accident with an 18 wheeler or other large truck, it’s likely to have extreme consequences. Large trucks can be 20-30x the size and weight of a regular passenger vehicle, meaning their impact can lead to serious injuries.

These injuries can be permanent or life threatening, including:

Not only will each of these types of truck accident injuries require costly medical attention, but they will also affect your ability to work. This means that while your medical bills for treating will continue to come in, your paycheck may not. That’s why victims of a trucking accident turn to an experienced personal injury attorney for help.

Don't Accept an Insurance Offer After a Trucking Accident

Insurance companies take advantage of the distress victims of trucking accidents experience and play it to their advantage. They’ll offer you a lump sum of money in exchange for your right to file further claims. While this amount may make ends meet at the moment, it more than likely will not include future costs you may endure. Before accepting an offer from an insurance company, it is important to seek a consultation with a trucking accident attorney, who can review your case for future expenses and non-economic damages you may be entitled to.

While you’re seeking medical treatment and recovering from your truck accident, our team at Cueria Law Firm, LLC, will review your case to identify the cause of the accident. This will allow us to identify all the responsible parties you have an insurance claim against.

A few things we’ll be looking for include:

  • Whether industry regulations were followed by the truck company.
  • Whether the truck was properly maintained before and during its use.
  • Whether the driver of the truck followed all applicable traffic laws leading up to the accident.
  • In some cases, we may also look into the trucking company’s hiring and training practices to determine if the driver was prepared to go out onto the road.

Our Truck Accident Attorney Will Work To Get Fair Compensation for Your Injuries While You Focus on Recovery

 Once we’ve identified the parties who you have a viable claim against, we’ll go to work building your case. This process will include gathering all written documentation of the accident itself, as well as the injuries which were suffered. We will request police reports, medical reports and statements from any witnesses or forensic experts to strengthen your claim against the truck.

What To Do After a Trucking Accident

 To set yourself up for the best possible outcome from your case, it is important to know how to respond to an accident involving an 18 wheeler or other large truck. You can’t anticipate a trucking accident, and the aftermath may feel chaotic. But try to keep these steps in mind:

  1. Contact the police. Having an officer respond to the scene means a police report will be filed. This document is often the first piece of evidence reviewed when assigning liability in the trucking accident. Police reports also have the involved parties, their insurance information and the trucking company’s information on it. All of this will be needed when filing your insurance claim after a trucking accident.
  2. Seek medical treatment. Not all injuries will be noticeable in the moments following the trucking accident. Because of this, all involved parties should seek medical attention in an emergency room to be cleared by a physician. In the event that you deny medical attention at the scene, you may have a harder time proving your injuries were caused by the trucking accident.
  3. Collect proof of the trucking accident. If you are able to walk, take photos of the scene of the accident. Gathering the contact information of any witnesses or taking note of any security cameras around can strengthen your claim after the trucking accident. You can also use your phone to take photos of the property damage or your injuries.
  4. Consult a trucking accident attorney. Your claim will be more complicated than a normal auto accident claim, because it will deal with large trucking companies and their insurance. By consulting with an experienced trucking accident attorney, you will set yourself up for the best possible outcome, ensuring your future needs are met.

Hiring an Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney

Cueria Law Firm, LLC, has over 25 years of experience with personal injury law and trucking accidents. Our trucking accident attorney is aware that the force of a truck crash means exaggerated injuries and extended medical care to recover. Our attorney works tirelessly to help repair the damage a truck crash can cause to families, and wants to help you get your life back also. We will work together to pursue the negligent party — no matter how far reaching the evidence leads us — to ensure that you receive the proper financial settlement to get your life back on track.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck crash, it is imperative that you contact our New Orleans trucking accident attorney today at 504-525-5211, so we can begin collecting evidence and building a strong case against the negligent party.

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