Statistics Involving Truck Accidents in the US

Trucking accident victims are often seriously injured, as the weight and size of the truck dwarf their passenger vehicle, giving little chance to those inside to remain safe. Our New Orleans trucking accident attorney has helped so many with their fight for compensation as a result of these crashes.

At Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., our truck accident attorney in New Orleans has represented hundreds of truck wreck injury victims over the past two decades with a commitment to success. Because of the sheer force of a truck crash, our clients often require extended medical care and prolonged time off work to recover fully. When a truck driver or the company responsible for the truck’s maintenance is negligent in their duties, our clients are entitled to compensation as a result.  Our experience and commitment to providing personal attention to each of our clients allow us to face the opposing legal team, whether insurance company lawyers or corporate attorneys, armed with the evidence and case details that allow our clients to focus on their recovery.

In an effort to provide the best legal guidance available, our New Orleans trucking accident lawyer provides free consultations to those who were injured at the hands of negligence. We focus on the details of each case separately and devise a stellar strategy for our clients’ success, so they are not footing the bill for the endless medical treatment and lost wages that accompany a horrific truck. Our experience and loyalty to our clients is the driving force behind each legal partnership we create, and our commitment to financial recovery is unmatched in our community.

Trucking Accident Injuries & Facts

Our New Orleans trucking accident attorney is well versed in the facts that accompany truck accident statistics. Whether the truck wreck is the fault of a weary and exhausted driver or caused by poor maintenance to the truck itself, we represent each with the same commitment to success, so that they can focus fully on their recovery while we pursue the negligent party — or parties — that are responsible for their injuries.

When the truck driver is at fault, statically it is for one of the following reasons:

  • Drug or Alcohol Use
  • Fatigue
  • Heavy (Overweight) or Shifting Load
  • Poor Driver Training
  • Traffic Violations, including Speeding or Disobeying Rules of the Road
  • Truck Driver Error

Sometimes, however, the driver can do everything right, but the company he or she works for is to blame for a mechanical failure, due to lack of maintenance or overworking drivers to the point of falsifying log books.

In 2007, the International Highway Transportation Safety Commission randomly conducted truck inspections for a single week. Their findings were staggering:

  • 9,537: Number of Violations for Brakes out of Adjustment
  • 5,722: Number of Log Book Violations, Inaccurately Reporting the Driver’s Hours of Service
  • 3,765: Number of Violations for Tires with Inadequate Tread
  • 3,658: Number of Violations for Failing to Comply with Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

When truck operators and their employers are negligent in their duties to keep our Louisiana roadways safe, those traveling in passenger vehicles are subjected to severe injury at a moment’s notice. Worse, these reckless oversights can cause death to a loved one.

Our attorney works tirelessly to help repair the damage a truck crash can cause to families, and wants to help you get your life back also. We will work together to pursue the negligent party — no matter how far reaching the evidence leads us — to ensure that you receive the proper financial settlement to get your life back on track.

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