New Orleans Tugboat Accident Attorney

When a maritime company needs to tow or push something out to sea, such as an oil platform, barge, or other vessel, they utilize a tugboat. A tugboat is important in this process because it is able to maneuver maritime equipment that is unable to move on its own. These tasks, while important, are complicated due to the vessel or structure’s movement difficulties and can easily lead to an tugboat accidents and injuries.

Tugboat Accidents

Tugboat operations are comprised of three types of vessels, oceangoing, harbor and river tugboats. Helping move hard to maneuver platforms and vessels, the tugboat ensures the maritime industry operates efficiently. A tugboat seaman faces hazards on a daily basis while onboard. If the tugboat equipment is not properly maintained, maritime employees are at risk of an accident and serious injury. Malfunctioning equipment, such as a frayed link or broken winch, can cause serious damage and be a detriment to tugboat operations. Other hazards include handling the side effects of a bad storm, or a collision with another vessel and/or structure. These dangers may expose maritime workers to injury; therefore, a company that operates in the maritime industry should have safety precautions in place.

Seamen who have been injured on a tugboat accident should consult a maritime lawyer for help. A maritime worker who has been in a tugboat accident is covered under the Jones Act. Tugboat injuries result long recovery periods, expensive medical bills, and other hassles. If you think your company was negligent in their operations and are therefore responsible for your tugboat related injury, it’s important to obtain a Jones Act lawyer when taking your case to court.

The Cueria Law Firm has successfully litigated maritime cases over the last 20 years, obtaining large settlements for our clients. Our maritime lawyers will analyze your tugboat injury case to determine what exactly went wrong and how you can get the compensation you deserve.

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