Offshore Helicopter Accidents

Offshore Helicopter Accident Attorney New Orleans

It is not uncommon to see oil rig accidents on the local news, with accidents taking major precedence within the media. While oil rig accidents are a cause of death in the offshore industry, it is helicopter transportation that is actually a more common way that deaths can occur aboard an oil rig. The CDC has reported that from 2003 until 2010, transportation accidents accounted for more than 50% of oil rig deaths. Of that amount, 75% were due to helicopter accidents.

The risk of being involved in a helicopter accident is such a serious issue within the industry that many oil companies are opting to provide accident survival training for visitors and employees who are traveling to offshore platforms. There are over 4,000 oil rigs currently in operation within the Gulf of Mexico and helicopters play a vital part in transporting supplies to the rigs as well as workers and additional essential needs. Helicopters are faster forms of travel than a sea vessel and can be invaluable to assist the crew members who spend a fair amount of time out at sea. While they are much-needed, they are also prone to crashes.

Leading Causes of Helicopter Crashes involving Oil Rigs include:

  • Dangerous Weather
  • Lack of training or improper training
  • Lack of helicopter maintenance
  • Pilot error
  • Pilot negligence
  • Mechanical failure of the helicopter

Increased Helicopter Safety Concerns

Over the years, safety concerns for helicopter crashes have led to new safety measures being created. The risk of being killed as an offshore employee is high and helicopter travel only increases this risk. The Federal Aviation Administration understands this risk and has created specific rules to encourage the oil and gas industry to create strict safety requirements to help prevent accidents involving helicopters.

Bigger windows for escaping due to an accident, enhanced flotation devises and underwater air systems are being used to improve safety during helicopter flights. Despite these additions, the risk still remains. If you or someone you love has been involved in a helicopter accident contact our office today. Our New Orleans attorneys can review your case and help determine if you have cause to file a claim.

It is important that you or your loved one receive just compensation if the accident was caused due to negligence or another preventative issue. Our offshore accident attorneys are here to help. We can be an effective advocate for your legal needs. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to have your case reviewed by one of our experienced attorneys.