Offshore Injuries in Foreign Waters

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In the maritime industry, there are many employment opportunities available. Oil rig and harbor workers, as well as vessel employees, can find work off the coast of Louisiana as well as Texas and other states in the US. American oil and gas companies are operating offshore of the US as well as within international waters in areas such as Brazil and the Persian Gulf. Offshore employment positions are very dangerous, and at Cueria Law Firm, we want employees to know their rights. Employers are to follow certain regulation standards to create a safe working environment. Offshore injuries are not uncommon, and if you are a victim of an injury while employed offshore, it is important to have your case reviewed. You may be able to file a claim for compensation.

What Are The Types of Offshore Injuries?

At the Cueria Law Firm, we have seen many types of injuries within the offshore industry. Fire and explosions are common, especially when dealing with oil rig work. A burn injury can easily take place, leaving an employee with severe scarring or even loss of limb. When this happens, trust the expert advice of a New Orleans burn injury attorney. With our help, we will review your case and help you file a claim for compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, etc. The type of compensation you receive will be dependent on several factors, including the type of injury you have. Additional injuries that are common to the industry include equipment failure leading to loss of limb or injury, cargo accidents, and jack-up rig accidents.

Offshore Injuries in Foreign Waters 

Offshore work is a demanding position that can have employees working offshores of Louisiana, Texas, and other US states as well as into foreign waters. It is not uncommon for an offshore employee to travel far away to take part in oil production work. Deepwater oil resources were discovered off Angola that has received attention from oil and gas companies based in the US. Because of the oil discoveries, platform jobs have been created off the coast of Angola, in Cabinda. The United States is importing more oil from Angola than from other areas such as Kuwait. At Cueria Law Firm, we are familiar with maritime laws associated with such employment positions. If you have been injured while working in Angolas foreign waters, we can help you. Our team has the experience to assist with any overseas accident claims and are ready to serve you.

Dangerous Work in Angola

Oil and gas companies of the United States have moved into Angola, looking to lower their dependence on Arabian oil. The amount of oil used in the United States from Angola is already at around 10% and should increase over time. There are many offshore jobs in Angola located on deepwater oil rigs, and each job has its own set of dangers. The production platforms and drilling rigs offer several employment opportunities, including drilling, rig welder, floorman, and rig mechanic jobs, among other positions.

Each of these positions is dangerous, no matter if you are working offshore in New Orleans or the foreign waters of Angola. With our New Orleans personal Injury Attorneys, you have someone by your side to assist when an injury occurs. Accidents and injuries are not uncommon within the offshore industry, and it is important to have legal assistance when needed. With our help, we can review your accident or injury and determine which maritime laws to apply to your case to be able to file for compensation.

Oil Production Offshore in Brazil

American rig workers are traveling farther from the United States and into areas of the world, such as Brazil. Santos is just one area where offshore employment opportunities are popping up that are attracting American offshore workers. With any maritime employment position, there is a risk involved, but offshore positions in foreign countries carry more risks. You can become hurt on the job and need compensation for your injuries. If so, you need a knowledgeable maritime accident attorney by your side to handle your personal injury case and understand the process when dealing with an offshore accident in Brazil. Our attorneys are familiar with the Jones Act as well as other maritime laws to assist with your case.

Our team of New Orleans personal injury attorneys handle cases in the state of Louisiana as well as represent maritime workers based in other areas, such as Brazil. We can assist an American offshore worker who is injured anywhere in foreign waters. It is essential to have your case heard by the courts in the United States, where you have the most legal rights.

For South America, Brazil has proven to have the second-largest amount of oil reserves in the region. Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo basins in the Atlantic Ocean are prime locations for oil reserves. Over the past few years, oil production has continued to increase with top companies such as Shell, BP, and Chevron, all operating in the region. Because of these companies moving into Brazil, American workers are traveling there as well.

With an increase in oil production in this region, there will, of course, be offshore accidents taking place. In the past, Brazil oil rigs have been subject to fire and vapor leak. A fire can easily lead to burn injuries, where one would need a New Orleans burn injury attorney. Fires and explosions are a serious risk when working on an offshore platform. Workers on such platforms can be easily injured or even killed due to an explosion or fire.

When you have been in an accident that involves an offshore employment injury, your case is complicated due to the location and jurisdiction of maritime law. In Brazil, an accident or injury would entail reviewing the Jones Act or filing a maritime law claim. Such cases are complex, and a consult with our Louisiana personal injury attorney will help ensure that you see a successful outcome with your case. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Offshore Work in Nigeria

In today’s oil industry, deepwater discoveries in regions such as Nigeria have created new employment opportunities for individuals who work on oil rigs and platforms. Intern

ational oil companies have seen the potential of Nigeria and have decided to move into the region to be able to explore energy options. Drilling platforms have been moved to Nigeria by big companies, and American rig workers are coming along to work in foreign waters. The work of offshore employees in Nigeria is still just as dangerous, and with safety measures not always followed, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur. At Cueria Law Firm, we specialize in maritime laws, both American areas such as New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, as well as handling cases for Americans who work in foreign waters of Nigeria.

If you are working for a company based in the United States in an offshore position in Nigeria, and are involved in an accident or injury, you will need an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable of the Jones Act. This law is the driving force behind compensation cases involving offshore worker injuries overseas. At Cueria Law Firm, we want to help you with burn injury cases, loss of limb, machinery accidents, and other injury claims. We know that offshore employment is a dangerous field and you deserve compensation when injured. When working in foreign waters, it is important to have an attorney on your side who knows the law and can help you file a legal claim.

What if My Offshore Accident Was Caused By Employer Negligence?

Offshore workers are employed on oil rigs and platforms all over the world. The conditions are already not going to be safe just due to the employment position in the open water. You have the weather to contend with as well as safety measures. The owner and employer of the rig or platform must take great care to provide a safe work environment for every employee. When you are injured due to the negligence of the employer, you can be owed compensation. It is important to have your accident or injury reviewed by an experienced attorney who specializes in maritime cases to be successful with your case.

Workers must be properly trained to handle equipment. Employers must also be sure that routine maintenance is completed in all areas of the platform and rig. When there is no focus on safety, employees are hurt, and the accident or injury can be no fault of your own.

When you or a loved one are subject to an accident or injury, contact Cueria Law Firm. We can review your case and determine if you are eligible to file a compensation claim.

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