In the maritime industry, there are many employment opportunities available. Oil rig and harbor workers, as well as vessel employees,  can find work off the coast of Louisiana as well as Texas and other states in the US. American oil and gas companies operating offshore of the US as well as within international waters in areas such as Brazil and the Persian Gulf. Offshore employment positions are very dangerous and at Cueria Law Firm, we want employees to know their rights. Employers are to follow certain regulation standards to create a safe working environment. Offshore injuries are not uncommon and if you are a victim of an injury while employed offshore, it is important to have your case reviewed. You may be able to file a claim for compensation.

Types of Injuries

At the Cueria Law Firm, we have seen many types of injuries within the offshore industry. Fire and explosions are common, especially when dealing with oil rig work. A burn injury can easily take place, leaving an employee with severe scarring or even loss of limb. When this happens, trust the expert advice of a New Orleans burn injury attorney. With our help, we will review your case and help you file a claim for compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, etc. The type of compensation you receive will be dependent on several factors including the type of injury you have. Additional injuries that are common to the industry include equipment failure leading to loss of limb or injury, cargo accidents and jack-up rig accidents.


Negligence of the Employer

The employer of a vessel, harbor or offshore rig are required to follow certain safety protocols in order to keep employees safe in the work environment. From regular maintenance to proper training, it is the job of the employer to make sure that the workplace is safe for everyone. When proper precautions are not taken, employees are hurt, and the employer is at fault due to negligence. If you have been injured on the job at no fault of your own, you may be owed compensation. Our personal injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm can help.

We will review the information of your case, including your injury, how the accident happened and determine who is at fault. If you have a case, we will file a claim for you and help you receive the compensation you deserve. If you or someone you love has been involved in an offshore injury accident, contact our office today.