Chevron Oil Company

6001 Bollinger Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA 94583, USA

Chevron is a leading energy company that operates primarily in the oil and gas industry employing thousands of maritime workers. Their business involves the production and transportation of oil and natural gas, the market and distribution of fuel and lubricant, the production of petrochemical product, and the investment into renewable energy solutions.

Chevron’s business is separated into three segments, Exploration and Production, Manufacturing, Products and Transportation, and Other Businesses. The Exploration and Production business involves Chevron’s oil and natural gas operations. In 2014, Chevron produced an average of 2.57 million barrels per day, 26 percent produced directly from operations in the United States.

The company’s downstream industry, managed by its Manufacturing, Products and Transportation segment handles the refinement and sale of fuels and lubricants. Chevron’s refineries are primarily located in North American, South Africa and the Asia-Pacific region and in 2014 it’s refining capacity reached 1.9 million barrels of crude oil a day. Chevron’s sale of fuels and lubricants handled under the Chevron, Texaco and Caltex brands selling to customers in the US, western Canada, Latin America, southern Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Chevron manages the transportation of its oil and natural gas, petrochemical and refined products through Chevron Pipe Line co. or through its fleet of vessels to ship to locations across the globe.

Chevron is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CVX. Its stock price has held somewhat steady in the last years, but is ultimately tied to the fluctuating price of oil.