Orion Marine Group Houston

12000 Aerospace Avenue, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77034

Orion Marine Group is a marine construction management company headquartered in Houston, Texas that serves the oil and gas industry. Orion Marine Group specializes in offering marine construction, design and specialty turnkey solutions and manages these operations in the US, Canada, and Caribbean Basin.

Orion Marine Group works with private commercial customers as well as federal agencies, state and municipal governments. Orion provides its services through the use of its specialized marine equipment fleet. This fleet includes 400 pieces of equipment featuring 60 spud barges, 200 cranes, a dredge fleet, and 60 tug and push boats. Orion believes in maintaining its specialized fleet to ensure that the right equipment is available for whatever a customer’s project needs.

Able to offer solutions that benefit a multitude of marine construction projects, Orion’s service offerings specifically are designed to help with the construction of transportation structures, pipeline projects, environmental facilities, and dredging operations. The company also offers specialty services to fit the needs of its customers, including diving, inspection, maintenance, salvage and repair.

The Orion Marine Group is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “ORN.” The company’s stock, while mostly steady, is fairly dependent on the price of oil.