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The term paralysis is used to describe the complete loss of nerve and muscle function in one limb or several. Paralysis is often the result of spinal cord damage and can have an effect on a portion or the entire body, based on where the damage occurred. The type of paralysis an individual suffers from can be described based on the limbs that are affected.

With this injury type, the upper portion of the spinal cord is affected and will leave the individual with paralysis in the legs and arms or weakness. Because the upper portion of the spine is affected, the individual may suffer from loss of sensation, the inability to control signals, the need for permanent stabilization, loss of bowel or bladder control or the inability to breathe without equipment.

With this injury type, the middle section of the spine is affected. The result of thoracic spinal cord injury is paralysis of the legs. Effects include dysfunction of the bladder and bowel movements, physical sensation loss, with full control of arms still present.

This injury type includes the lower section of the spine. With this injury, motor function of the legs is lost with the upper limbs still able to function. A lumber injury to the spine will result in different physical issues but usually includes the inhibited control of the abdomen, genitals, and buttocks. Surgery is often required for this condition.

Bladder function and bowel control are affected by this injury type. This injury occurs at the end of the spine and will paralyze the hips and legs. Lack of control or weakness in the thighs is present along with the feet, calves, and genitals being affected.

A victim of paralysis is often never able to recover to full mobility. However, with rehabilitation, new skills can be learned so the individual can live a fulfilling life based on their paralysis situation. Several specialists can be needed to provide rehabilitation. Psychiatrists can help with emotional and pain issues while rehab specialists will aid in breathing, self-care, and nutrition. Physical and occupational therapists will encourage the patient to complete routines to learn how to move the body and complete activities.

Rehabilitation services are expensive, and most paralysis victims are unable to pay for the services they need to restore function or learn how to live with paralysis. At Cueria Law Firm, we are ready to assist you in filing a claim for compensation if your paralysis injury is the result of the negligent behavior of another party. Let our attorneys review your case and file a claim on your behalf, seeking the compensation you justly deserve.

Our attorneys have helped hundreds of injury victims get the fair compensation they deserve so they can get back to their lives and their families.  Call Cueria Law Firm at (504)-525-5211 today!

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