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An extreme physiological experience can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition commonly known as PTSD. As New Orleans personal injury attorneys, we have been involved in many cases where our client has been affected by PTSD. Experiences that can lead to PTSD include a serious accident such as a car wreck, physical or sexual abuse, surviving a disaster such as an explosion or being injured/seeing someone injured severely. 

PTSD effects can take place after an event, sometimes within weeks or even months. A traumatic experience will rewire the way the brain processes information and will cause the disorder to become the way the individual thinks. The life of the individual can be affected dramatically, harming relationships as well as causing issues with work. 

Top Symptoms of PTSD

When suffering from PTSD, one will have at least one of the following four symptoms: 

  • Reliving the event—it is not uncommon for an individual to relive the traumatic event over and over again. Flashbacks can happen during sleep as well as during the waking hours. Sounds, tastes or smell can activate a flashback to the event which can lead to serious stress, anxiety, and fear on a regular basis. 
  • Avoidance—an individual that is suffering from PTSD will avoid people or places that remind them of the traumatic experience. Take for example a serious car accident. An individual suffering from PTSD may refuse to get into any vehicle to travel anywhere. Such behavior can be life-altering. 
  • Hyperarousal—this term is defined by someone being on the edge but in an extreme sense. An individual with PTSD may quickly become angry for no reason at all. Aside from anger, an individual may also feel extremely scared if they are surprised. Quick changes to the environment can create feelings of terror or anger. 
  • Emotional Detachment—drastic changes will take place within the individual based on how they are emotionally expressive. Activities that were once enjoyed will be found disinteresting. Family members may be treated differently, even like strangers. 

Treatment for PTSD

When one suffers from PTSD treatment is needed to ensure an overall good quality of life. The many side effects associated with PTSD can create a poor life experience. With treatment, the patient can learn how to cope with the ordeal and be able to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one such treatment option. With this therapy type, the goal is to find better ways to cope with the distressing emotions that are relayed due to the traumatic event. Patients learn how to avoid certain behaviors and actions that can stem from PTSD. 

If you or someone you love has been affected by PTSD due to a traumatic experience, you may recourse for legal action. Contact our New Orleans personal injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm to schedule a consultation to see if your case offers the opportunity to file for monetary compensation.