Louisiana Auto Insurance Companies

When you chose a car insurance company, you likely assumed it would be there to protect you if you were involved in an automobile accident. You thought that your insurance provider would pay for your medical expenses, vehicle damage, and follow through with the promises they made. Nevertheless, how many auto insurance commercials promised that they were on your side, or that they were your friend? So many insurance consumers are surprised and shocked when these promises are broken and they are not taken care of. Sadly, most insurance providers do not put customers before their best interests because they put their bottom line first.

Every month, your insurance company gladly takes money from you with their premiums, but they may not be glad to pay up after a car wreck. If you have to deal with an insurance company that wants to avoid payment or settle for much less than what your insurance claim is worth, you should speak with an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney. While your best interests are not the priority to your insurance company, our personal injury lawyer will fight to ensure that your rights are protected.

Auto Insurance Companies in Louisiana

Allstate Corporation

Allstate offers its customers numerous online features to help make the claim process simpler. Founded in the year 1931, Allstate is one of the leaders in American car insurance companies.

Visit https://www.allstate.com/claims.aspx or call 1-800-ALLSTATE when you are ready to file an insurance claim. Additionally, you can reach them via Twitter at @allstatecares. Allstate provides customers with a mailing address for auto claims: Allstate Insurance Company, P.O. Box 660636, Dallas, TX 75266. To assist you with maintaining information about your car accident claim, they also provide customers with an insurance claim worksheet.

Once a claim is filed for your vehicle, an inspection will be scheduled to evaluate the damage. Depending on where you are located, The insurance company may request you visit one of their local service centers, visit a mechanic in their network, or an insurance investigator will be sent to your location. No matter where you choose, you have the option of selecting where the vehicle is repaired. Depending upon insurance policy, Allstate offers towing and rental car services, as well.

Based on their investigation and your report, Allstate will evaluate fault to determine your claim’s value. If Allstate determines you are the at-fault driver, you may still be covered, depending on your insurance policy. If they decide you were not at fault, your deductible will be recovered by the at-fault party by Allstate. If additional damage is found after repairs are made, inform Allstate, and additional repairs may be authorized if they determined the damage was due to the accident.

It is crucial to understand special and general damages and how Allstate calculates them to secure an acceptable insurance settlement. General damages are easily calculated and include such items as medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle damage. However, special damages are more complex to calculate and include such items as pain and suffering. For special damages, a multiplier may be applied to the number of your general damages based on injuries sustained, crash severity, circumstances of the crash, recovery time, as well as other factors.

Several insurance companies, including Allstate, utilize a software program known as Colossus to determine your insurance settlement. Information is entered into Colossus about your car accident by an insurance adjuster. The program then recommends a range for your settlement. This software program is heavily relied upon by the insurance adjusters. Once an amount is calculated for your settlement by Colossus, Allstate can adjust the recommendation, which oftentimes is a reduced offer for settlement.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident, a skilled New Orleans personal injury lawyer could help you determine your rights and your potential insurance settlement. A car wreck is stressful enough; consider assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney to find your way around the recovery process. If you suffered physically, mentally, or were incapable of working, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you.

If you have suffered from an auto accident and would like more information,  call or email us today.

American International Group (AIG)

Originating as a Chinese insurance company named American Asiatic Underwriters, Cornelius Vander Starr, a United States businessman, began an insurance company in 1919. After many acquisitions and the opening of offices worldwide, the name became the American International Group. They provide numerous insurance coverage for individuals, families, and businesses.

Commercial auto claims can be made and managed 24/7 at the American International Group website.


AmTrust Financial Services Brief History

AmTrust Financial Services was founded in 1998 by brothers Michael Karfunkel and George Karfunkel and a home-office in New York City. They serve 70 countries with over 7,000 employees and are a top commercial insurer in the United States as well as a leading global provider.

Claims can be submitted on their website or toll-free 888-239-3909.

Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Agency

If Berkshire Hathaway Inc. currently covers you, you may be fascinated by the history of Berkshire Hathaway. Origins of Berkshire Hathaway can be traced way back to 1839, in Rhode Island, when two textile companies merged. With these manufacturers continuing to merge through the years, Berkshire Hathaway broke out in the insurance company in the year 1967 under CEO Warren Buffet. To this day, Warren Buffet remains the company head. They are a multinational holding company with a wide range of subsidiaries, including fast-food chains and insurance companies. Omaha, Nebraska, is where the primary headquarters are located. With commercial interests in numerous companies, including Geico.

Chubb Ltd.

Chubb was founded in the year 1882 in New York City by Thomas Caldecot Chubb and his son Percy. In the year 1967, it was incorporated, and in 1984 it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Chubb Corporation was acquired in 2016 by ACE Limited. Today, it is operated in fifty-four countries, providing personal and commercial and casualty insurance, life insurance, reinsurance, and personal accident and supplemental health insurance.

Chubb Ltd allows claims to be reported online. Also, claims can be filed for New and Legacy Chubb policies by Email for Financial Lines specialtyclaims@chubb.com, by fax for Financial Lines 1-855-842-1349 or Workers Compensation 1-800-884-3946. They can be filed by phone as well as 1-800-CLAIMS-0 (1-800-258-4670).

For New and Legacy ACE policies, call 1-800-433-0385, or after hours at 1-800-523-9254.

Farm Bureau Insurance

Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Group was founded in the 1940s by farmers in several states who shared a vision for better insurance rates and better member services. In the 1950s, the Louisiana Farm Bureau joined them as well. Farm Bureau is a financial and insurance services company that is driven by memberships. In addition to their many tools online, customers can track the status of their claims. Policyholders can choose their repair shop or have their repairs made through a Preferred Auto Repair Shop program where they are guaranteed for life. The accident will be investigated, and the vehicle inspected by an insurance adjuster to determine the settlement offer.

Go Auto Insurance Company

A Louisiana based insurance company, GoAuto is headquartered in Baton Rouge. With a focus on reducing operating costs, it specializes in low-cost auto insurance. GoAuto has many online resource tools available, such as areas to report a claim, make a payment, or request a quote. If submitting a claim online, enter the needed information, and expect a call from an insurance agent to move forward.


Liberty Mutual

For more than 100 years, Liberty Mutual has been a provider of insurance. Founded in 1912 under the name of Massachusetts Employee Insurance Association, they sold their first auto policy in 1914 and changed their name in 1917 to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. They are a fortune 100 company that employs more than 50,000 individuals and have 900 global offices.

Liberty Mutual provides many options for their policyholders on their website, such as claim overview, report a claim, and network of providers.


About National General Holdings Corporation

National General Insurance, formerly known as GMAC, was founded in the year 1920 and is a nationwide insurance provider. With a headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, they have more than 3,500 employees in the United States. Insurance policies offered by National General provide the same coverage as most major insurers.

Nationwide Mutual Group

Nationwide Mutual is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and was founded in the year 1926. They are one of the largest car insurance companies in the United States. Thousands of claims are handled every day throughout the country. Visit Nationwide Mutual Group online to file a claim and receive other information as well.

About Progressive Corporation

Progressive Insurance opened its doors in 1937. It was started by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green in Mayfield Village, Ohio. 

Visit Progressive or contact them at 1-800-274-4499 to begin the Progressive claim process. Before filing your claim, collect names, addresses, policy numbers, as well as any other pertinent information to help speed up the process. Progressive recommends you contact them as soon as possible to inform them of the claim after an accident.

Safeway Financial Company

Safeway Financial Holding Co. was founded by William J. Parillo in the year in 1959, who, to this day, remains the companies head. A family-owned private insurance company, headquartered in Westmont, Illinois with regional offices in areas they serve. Mainly an auto insurance company, Safeway offers personalized service in office locations throughout many states.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. is a mutual company which is owned by its policyholders and is located in Bloomington, Illinois. Since 1942, they have been the number one insurer for auto insurance in the country. State Farm insures about one out of five automobiles in the United States. They employ more than 65,000 individuals throughout the country and have a network of approximately 16,700 agents. State Farm offers insurance products to all fifty states.

Traveler’s Insurance

Founded by James Batterson in 1864, Travelers Companies Inc., became the first United States insurance company to offer more than one type of insurance coverage. The red umbrella logo was introduced in 1960 to symbolize protection. With more than 30,000 employees and 20,000 brokers and agents in the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, Travelers provides insurance for both individuals and businesses.

USAA Insurance Group

USAA Insurance Group serves a unique market; they provide services to United States military members and their families. Founded in the year 1922, they began as United States Army Automobile Association before changing their name to USAA Insurance Group two years later and offering their products to other branches of the military as well. They are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and have offices in Germany and England also.

For close to a century, USAA Insurance Group offered auto insurance products to their clients. Policies include the same as other large insurance providers such as liability, collision, and liability

Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance Group is headquartered in Switzerland and is a multinational insurer. Found in 1872 as a marine insurer, they provide service to 170 countries, including the United States. Insurance products for individuals are not offered in North America, but several insurance products for businesses are available.

Zurich allows claims to be filed on their website or by utilizing one of their many other methods.

What You Should Do Immediately Following An Accident

Following an auto accident, first check for injuries to yourself, your vehicle as well as any other vehicle. As soon as possible, call 911. While the police will collect details about the crash, you must do that as well. Some of this includes name, address, and insurance company of all other drivers. To avoid further damage, move your vehicle to the side of the road.

If you or an employee has been involved in an auto accident, do not try to take on insurance without the help of an experienced accident attorney. Contact Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., to schedule a consultation today.