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A car accident, whether a minor wreck or something more serious, can be very stressful for anyone. Filing and collecting on a claim with an insurance company can add to this stress. Unfortunately, it is typical for an insurance company to offer a meager amount to an injured party. Consider contacting a New Orleans personal injury lawyer if you believe the insurance company short-changed your injury. Having an expert who knows how the process works and what a fair settlement amount is can save you many headaches. The lawyers at Cueria Law Firm are very experienced in helping you get the most from the insurance company following a car accident. 

Progressive Insurance opened its doors in 1937. It was started by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green in Mayfield Village, Ohio. 

Visit Progressive or contact them at 1-800-274-4499 to begin the Progressive claim process. Before filing your claim, collect names, addresses, policy numbers, as well as any other pertinent information to help speed up the process. Progressive recommends you contact them as soon as possible to inform them of the claim after an accident.

After The Accident

After contacting Progressive of your claim, a specialist will contact you, typically before the end of the day. Any questions you have can be answered by a claims specialist who will explain the process to you. During this time, a vehicle inspection will be set up to evaluate the damage to your car and provide an estimate of costs. However, the estimate provided by Progressive is not a guarantee is possible to change.

If the mechanic discovers additional damage, Progressive will re-evaluate your vehicle and provide a supplemental estimate. When considering where to get your car repaired, you are allowed to select from a repair shop in their network, one of their Service Centers, or your own repair shop. Claims are generally processed faster when choosing a repair shop in their network.

Be aware when providing a statement or information to an insurance company; they have their best interests in mind, not yours. Steering your way through a personal injury claim following an accident can be a long and arduous process. Often times, it requires the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you experienced physical or mental injury or have been unable to work due to a car accident, consider contacting a qualified Louisiana personal injury attorney.

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