A well-running car is essential, whether you’re trying to get to work on time or taking the kids to soccer practice. However, we often don’t realize the hazards that accompany daily activities, especially while behind the wheel. For instance, being involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler can create a variety of damages to both your car and your person. Millions of trucks share our roadways, typically driving cross-country with long hours that can lead to driver fatigue or error. 

Because of these trucks’ size and weight, these collisions can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, some of these collisions can even end in fatalities. Thankfully, you can get assistance from a New Orleans injury lawyer when trying to understand the next steps. An attorney can provide you with guidance to receive compensation for which you are entitled to following an accident with an 18-wheeler.

Call 911 to Report Accidents and Injuries

When you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, there is typically extensive property damage. Although, it is important that you contact authorities and request medical attention, if necessary. It is important to seek the assistance of emergency responders in case someone is hurt in a way that we cannot visually see. Contacting the police will also result in an official report of the accident, which is evidence towards your case if you proceed with a suit. Additionally, the failure to make a timely report is a crime that can be punished by up to 60 days imprisonment or up to $100 in fines.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Before you contact a New Orleans car accident attorney after a collision with an 18-wheeler, you will need to seek out medical attention. Getting evaluated by a medical professional at the emergency room is the best way to understand the severity of your injuries and how to proceed with treatment. Additionally, if you are going to seek compensation for your injuries, you will need to have documentation of the injuries you sustained during the wreck, as well as, the recommended treatment that will follow. The physician treating you will be able to advise you on how to speed up your recovery and can give you a list of things to avoid while you heal.

Exchange Information With the Truck Driver and Obtain Police Report

If you have sustained no injuries during the collision with an 18-wheeler, your primary goal should be exchanging insurance information with the truck driver. Make sure you get the truck driver’s name, contact information, and employer information, but do not spend an extensive time discussing the accident with the other driver. 

Once the authorities arrive, they will be able to document the cause of the wreck in their report, and any fault that is apparent from the way the accident occurred. This accident report is important and can help the injury lawyer you hire build a case. You never want to leave the scene of an accident until all documentation is completed and signed.

Also important to keep in mind– following the accident, you may be contacted by the representative of the other driver’s employer or the trucking company’s insurance company to take a statement or discuss the collision. It is important that you do not do so without the guidance of your attorney. It is best to direct them to contact your attorney. 

Collect Evidence and Take Photographs If Possible

When trying to properly document your collision with an 18-wheeler, it is pertinent that you document any evidence regarding injuries and damages. You will need to take some pictures. When taking pictures of the wreck, be sure to focus on the damage to your vehicle and any skid marks on the road. You need to also take pictures of the final resting point of each vehicle. These pictures can be very important when the authorities and the insurance companies are trying to determine who was at fault for the wreck.

Take Witness Information and Statements

If there were any witnesses present at the scene of the accident, collect their statement. You can record their statement or write it down. If they do not want to give a statement to you at that time, ask for their contact information and your attorney can reach out for their statement later on. 

Choosing the Right Attorney and Preparing Your Case

After the dust has settled from your 18-wheeler collision, you will need to find the right car accident attorney to hire. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better. The best way to decide which lawyer in your area is the best fit is by going in for some consultations. During these consultations, you will be able to ask all of the questions you have and make a final decision on which lawyer to hire based on the answers you get. 

Once you have had a consultation with an attorney and established an attorney-client relationship, they will work towards preparing your case to determine your paths towards compensation. In doing so, they will illustrate the guilt of the at-fault party and the extent of your injuries. Because most trucks are subject to state and federal regulations, there may be more than one way you can proceed with your suit.

Finding the right New Orleans auto accident attorney is easy when calling on the team at Cueria Law Firm. The team at Cueria Law Firm is compassionate and determined to get you the compensation for which you are entitled. You can contact us for a free consultation when in need of advice on how to get paid for the injuries you have sustained from an 18-wheeler collision.


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