Protections for a Seaman

Protections for a Seaman New Orleans Attorney

As a seaman or other type of maritime worker, you are entitled to monetary compensation when injured on the job or becoming ill. Land-based employees rely on what is known as workers compensation when injured on the job, but those based on the sea rely on maritime law, including the Jones Act to be able to file for damages. 

At Cueria Law Firm, we know first hand just how dangerous the maritime industry can be. We have helped many seamen file a compensation claim due to injury or sickness out on the open waters. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys have vast experience in assisting in cases involving maritime or admiralty laws, fighting for just compensation for our clients. 

By allowing us to review your case, we can determine if you have a potential claim.  Below are two categories we can cover to see if they apply to your case. 

Negligence and Unseaworthiness

A company or employer must ensure that the work environment is safe and the vessel or oil rig you are working on is seaworthy. Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys will review your case and look for examples of negligence or unseaworthiness within your case. This can include: 


  • The employer failing to hire enough employees or provide proper training
  • The employer does not provide quality gear, protective clothing or the right equipment for the job at hand
  • Safety measures are not followed or enforced
  • The ship and/or its equipment is not properly maintained
  • Weather is unsafe, yet work carried on anyway


  • Decks, passageways, and gangways are not properly maintained
  • The vessel does not have an adequate crew
  • Lines, wires, and cables are loose or not stored properly
  • Hulls, bulkheads, and rails are defective
  • Lifeboats are not sufficient or emergency response gear malfunctions
  • Work methods are extreme or dangerous

Wrongful Death

Another area in which maritime laws apply is wrongful death at sea. At Cueria Law Firm, we have handled claims for a wrongful death at sea for family members of the deceased. Below are a few common accidents or issues that can result in a wrongful death while out in the open waters: 

  • Crane accidents
  • Sinking or capsizing vessels
  • Fires or an explosion on board
  • Accidents involving the handling of cargo
  • Parting tow lines
  • Emergency medical attention not received in time

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, illness or death at sea, we can help. Contact our Louisiana office today to learn more and to schedule a consultation.