What is Car Accident Negligence in New Orleans?

When a car accident occurs and one or more parties are injured, a personal injury case can be filed. To win the case, car accident negligence must be proved. Negligence in a New Orleans car accident is when a driver has chosen to not take proper care to ensure safe driving. Being able to prove negligence means that the other driver was not acting in a careful manner when driving. In New Orleans, the driving laws require that every driver on the roadways follow the state driving rules and regulations. If you can prove that the other driver was in violation of state laws then proving driver negligence will be much easier.

Examples of car accident negligence can include such instances as running a stop sign. If you can prove that the other driver ran the stop sign when crashing into you, while you had the right of way, will help to prove negligence within your claim.

Important Components of the Car Accident Case

There are several components that can assist with your personal injury case in regards to driver negligence. To begin, a police report is an important factor. Serious accidents will be investigated by police officers. In many cases, the police officer or investigators on the scene will provide testimony to help prove what took place during the car accident. At Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., we work to ensure witnesses available are used to assist with your case along with information found within police reports and other factors.

Claiming Compensation for Injuries or Property Damage

Once you prove that the other driver is at fault, and was negligent in their driving, you then have to show why you deserve compensation. The amount you will receive is based on several factors including the extent of the injury, nature of the injury, duration of injury, and more. Compensation damages can include lost wages, medical treatment payments, etc., based on the laws in Louisiana.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a New Orleans automobile accident, contact our New Orleans personal injury law firm today. We will assist you by reviewing your case and determining how to move forward.