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These days many New Orleans residents take advantage of ridesharing services to travel around the city. There is no doubt that ridesharing is a convenient and affordable option; however, it may also come with some risks. What should you do if your rideshare driver gets into an accident with another vehicle? What if the driver damages someone’s property? What if the driver causes damage to your own property? 

At Cueria Law Firm, our experienced attorneys understand the complexities and many gray areas associated with rideshare accidents in Louisiana. If you have questions about your rideshare accident or if you are unsure if you have a claim, contact Cueria Law Firm today to start discussing your case with one of our dedicated and diligent accident attorneys. 

Common Rideshare Accidents 

While both Uber and Lyft have specific requirements for their drivers, it is critical that you understand that these drivers are not professionals, nor are they employees of the rideshare companies. Due to the nature of the job, drivers may be more distracted than the average driver. They must use their smartphones to accept, locate, and communicate with new riders and use the GPS functions to navigate to the rider’s destination. The most common causes of rideshare vehicle accidents that result in property damage, injury, or even death include: 

  • Distracted driving 
  • Driver fatigue 
  • Failure to properly maintain the vehicle 
  • Intoxication from drugs or alcohol
  • Excessive speed  
  • Responsibility for a Rideshare Accident  

The fact that rideshare drivers are not employees of Uber or Lyft makes the question of liability in an accident murky and confusing. After an accident, there are a few possible parties that might share some of the burden for the damages sustained. It is recommended that anyone who was in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle contact a skilled accident attorney to help them navigate the insurance process and identify which parties may be held responsible for their damages. The parties that might be held liable in a rideshare accident case include the rideshare company, the driver, and the other driver or drivers involved. 

If you have suffered injuries due to the accident, including concussion, whiplash, brain injury, burns, or head and neck injury, it is even more important to consult with an auto accident attorney who can advocate for you and get you the compensation you are entitled to under the law. 

Rideshare Accidents: What You Should Do After an Accident 

The first thing you should do after an accident is to assess your injuries and those of the other people involved. If you have sustained serious injuries, immediately call 911 so medical professionals can get to the scene as soon as possible. Even if you believe that your injuries are not very serious, it is recommended that you still seek medical attention. Many injuries do not manifest until several days or even weeks after a collision. Also, if you do determine that you want to file a claim, the medical report will be a valuable piece of information for your attorney. 

Next, call the police so they can write a report detailing the accident. Talk to any witnesses who may have seen the accident occur. Contact Uber or Lyft to report the event directly through the rideshare service’s app. Representatives from the rideshare companies will get in touch with you right away for further information. 

Lastly, contact a reputable attorney who has extensive experience helping those involved in auto accidents get the settlements that they deserve. The personal injury attorneys at Cueria Law Firm have worked with many passengers who were injured in a collision involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle. Our attorneys can review your case and help you determine how to proceed to get the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

If you have been involved in an accident in an Uber or Lyft, the experienced New Orleans rideshare accident lawyers at Cueria Law Firm may be able to help. Our team of attorneys will review your case with you to determine if you may be able to file a claim for your damages. The rideshare accident attorneys at Cueria Law Firm are compassionate and skilled at what they do, which is why they have a proven track record of helping their clients get the substantial financial settlements that they deserve.

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