The job of a longshoreman is quite difficult. From loading and unloading cargo to operating equipment, rigging cargo and transferring loaded trailers, longshoremen are constantly busy. Major port cities provide longshoremen employment, with positions open on a regular basis as the hours of work are long and the tasks difficult. In the industry, there are safety regulations that must be followed within the terminal areas to ensure the safety of employees, particularly when heavy-weight equipment is involved. At Cueria Law Firm, we have found that even though these regulations are in place, serious accidents still take place on a regular basis. When an injury occurs, longshoremen should contact our personal injury attorneys. When we are involved early-on, we can provide an investigation of the accident. With our professional help, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injury based on maritime law.

The Rights of Longshoremen Based on Maritime Law

The work completed within a marine terminal requires the use of machinery. To operate such machinery, a longshoreman must have the right skill and experience to use the machinery safely. There is a high potential for injury within this industry, so much so that the National Maritime Safety Administration was created to help protect the rights of employees who handle marine cargo in the US. Our personal injury attorneys have experience in maritime law and can easily apply the right laws to your case based on the injury.

The National Maritime Safety Administration works with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure that longshoremen are provided with a wealth of information including resources for safety training. Employers need to ensure that employees are trained properly to use the heavy machinery for cargo loading and unloading for a safe work environment. The negligence of others or improper training can easily lead to an accident.

Helping You File a Claim

Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys are ready to assist you in protecting your legal rights. With a consultation, we hear your story and come to understand the circumstances leading to the injury. We look at all areas of the law to help you recover compensation based on the injury. Our personal injury attorneys are committed to helping longshoremen in recovering to the fullest extent, including assisting with physical and emotional trauma.

When you or a loved one are affected by an injury while employed as a longshoreman, contact our office for assistance. We are ready to listen to your experience and do our best to help you receive compensation.