After an automobile accident occurs in New Orleans, it is not uncommon for the victim to receive a low ball offer for compensation from the insurance company. Insurance companies know that most people want to forget about the accident and move on, so they are more than likely going to take whatever is offered without a fight. This is particularly the case due to victims being disoriented and uncertain as to what they need to do, as well as not fully understanding their legal rights. Automobile insurance companies are well aware of this and will do whatever they can to make you take the lower offer in order for a settlement to take place.

If you are offered money from an auto insurance adjuster, especially during the early days after the accident, consider consulting a Louisiana personal injury attorney. In many car accident cases, the victim does not know their full injuries until days later or the full value of their claim. Insurance companies know the full value and will come in under that amount, hoping you will accept.

There is an exception when the claim does not include any bodily injury and only concerns property damage. In this case, you should be able to accept an early offer as it should cover the extent of the damage that occurred to your property. You should be able to view the value of your vehicle or the cost of repair by talking to car dealerships or repair shops. This way, you can know if your damage deal is one that should be accepted. However, it will not hurt to consult with an attorney to be sure you are getting the best settlement for your claim needs.

Overall, you should be wary of accepting any deal provided to you by an insurance company, especially soon after the accident. Be suspicious, no matter how friendly the adjuster is. Also, do not let the insurance agent push you around. Never feel like you have to settle or accept a claim that you are not happy with or feel is fair. Just compensation should be provided. Consult a New Orleans personal injury attorney to discuss your case and determine if the settlement you are being provided or if you are owed more compensation.

When you or a loved one is involved in an automobile accident, be sure to contact an experienced New Orleans car accident attorney for guidance. Our attorneys can provide a consultation to go over the details of your claim and determine if you have a case.