Should You Settle Your 18 Wheeler Accident Case?

Driving alongside semi-trucks on a daily basis is commonplace for most motorists. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t put much thought into sharing the roadways with these large trucks. Usually, the only time you will notice these trucks is when you are involved in a collision with them. If this collision is caused by neglect on the other driver’s behalf, you need to call a personal injury attorney in New Orleans for help. A personal injury lawyer in New Orleans can use a number of elements to help build your case. If the evidence is iron-clad, the negligent party will usually want to settle. Read below to learn about some of the tools used by lawyers to get the right amount of compensation for their clients.

The “Black Box”

Surely you have heard about the “black box” in regard to airplane crashes. Most people fail to realize these same recording devices are used in semi-trucks as well. Once a crash happens, your personal injury lawyer in New Orleans will want to get access to the date on the truck’s “black box.” The reason why the personal injury attorney in New Orleans will want access to this data is because it could help your case.

The “black box” on the truck will record data regarding the speed the vehicle was going and the braking power used to bring it to a stop. If the records show the truck driver was traveling above the speed limit, this evidence will usually lead to a settlement offer. The fact the driver was traveling at high speeds only shows they were neglectful and their actions caused the accident in question.

Dashboard Cameras

In most states, the law requires trucking companies to outfit all of their rigs with dashboard cameras. These types of cameras will tell the story of a wreck without bias. A New Orleans personal injury lawyer will be able to take the footage from the dashboard camera and use it to build their case.

If the footage shows the accident was caused by the neglectful actions of the truck driver, a lawyer will have no problem getting their client the compensation they are owed. This type of evidence is admissible in court, which is why most trucking companies will prefer to settle and stay away from the bad publicity a jury trial could present.

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Following a collision, truck drivers will usually be subjected to a number of alcohol and drug tests. If the truck driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be held liable for any damage and injuries caused by the wreck. A personal injury lawyer will be able to take the results of these tests and use them in court if needed.

When involved in a trucking accident, you need to contact us immediately. Our firm has handled many different trucking accident cases and will be able to help you in your time of need.