Should You Settle Your Burn Injury Case?

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One of the most painful types of injuries out there is a burn. There are a variety of accidents that can lead to extensive burn injuries. When these types of injuries are caused by the negligence of others, contacting a New Orleans injury lawyer is important. In some cases, a lawyer may want to settle out of court. Usually, the insurance companies involved will want to settle out of court in order to keep the publicity level to a minimum. When faced with the prospect of a settlement, a person will have to take the time to consider all of their options. Read below to find out more about burn injury cases and how they are generally settled.

Establishing Where the Accident Happened

The first thing a lawyer in New Orleans will need to prove is where the accident happened. Once the location where the injury happened is pinpointed, the lawyer will be able to get to work. If the accident happened at a person’s place of work, then the New Orleans injury lawyer will have to show negligence caused the burn.

Showing the employer was negligent will give a lawyer the ammunition they need to go after compensation for your injuries. Due to the extensive damage a burn can cause, the settlement value is usually much higher than other personal injury cases. The degree of the defendant’s liability will help the judge in a case to decide how much compensation they are owed.

Punitive Damages

If a defendant is found to have been grossly negligent in regards to the burn accident, then a lawyer in New Orleans may be able to get punitive damages for their client. The judge will usually award these types of damages as a punishment to the defendant for their behavior. While it will require a lawyer to invest a lot of time and research, getting awarded punitive damages can really help a person out when trying to get their life back together following a burn injury.

What Types Compensation Are You Entitled To?

Finding out what type of compensation they are entitled to is usually the main concern of a burn injury victim. Going in for a consultation with a New Orleans law practice is a great way to find out what type of damages you may be able to get compensated for. The following are some of the most common things a burn victim may be compensated for.

  • All of the medical bills the burn has caused.
  • Out of pocket medical expenses like copays or prescriptions.
  • Mileage to and from doctor’s appointments.
  • Lost wages due to the injuries sustained.
  • Future pain and suffering or inability to work.                                         

Getting some legal advice following a burn injury is important. Without the advice of our legal professionals, you will find it very hard to get the compensation you need. Be sure to contact us for more information on the help we can provide. A consultation with our firm will allow you to figure out what your next logical move should be.