Steps to Take After You’re Injured Offshore

steps to take after being injured offshore

By working in the maritime industry, you know that your job puts you in a dangerous position. Whether you work aboard an oil rig or vessel, there are dangers you must be aware of. Common accidents involving maritime employees include fire and explosions, crane injuries, slips and falls, and more. When you are injured offshore, you must act quickly to work on filing a claim. The ship employer or owner will already be weighing their options after your injury, so working with our Cueria Law Firm attorneys is essential to ensure that you know your options and take legal action when needed. 

Protecting Your Rights

To protect your rights as an employee, you need an attorney that is well-versed in the maritime law. When an individual is hurt, the risk management team of the maritime company will act immediately. This could be the gathering of statements or reviewing the evidence. Before you talk to anyone about the incident, you need an attorney. Case managers of the company or consultants can be tough and want to talk to you and try to get you to complete certain steps, something you do not have to do. 

You must be very careful and assume that anything you are to stay would be recorded. Speaking to one of our Louisiana personal injury attorneys will ensure that your best interests are considered, and a claim filed for compensation if needed. Our attorneys can help you to protect yourself, something that your company is not going to be doing, as they are only looking out for themselves. 

Give Us a Call

When you are injured on the job in a maritime employment position, receive medical care and then contact our office. Contacting us immediately will ensure that any evidence can be reviewed, and all details of the case considered. We can then decide on the best course of action for your individual case. In most instances, the injured party has the right to file a claim for compensation due to the negligence of a fellow employee or the company operating the vessel or oil rig. 

Compensation can be filed for by our attorneys that will help the injured party to pay for medical bills as well as for lost wages. Our expert attorneys have vast experience in dealing with maritime injury cases and are ready to review your case. Let our team provide you with optimal legal advice so you can act accordingly for your compensation needs.