Should You Settle Your Burn Injury Case?

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One of the most painful types of injuries out there is a burn. There are a variety of accidents that can lead to extensive burn injuries. When these types of injuries are caused by the negligence of others, contacting a New Orleans injury lawyer is important. In some cases, a lawyer may want to settle out of court. Usually, the … Read More

How to Protect Yourself from Biking Accidents

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Being in any type of accident is scary, but a motorcycle accident can be particularly frightening. The danger of suffering a motorcycle injury in New Orleans is much higher, and the variety of injuries possible are often especially severe. Unfortunately, many motorists don’t know to watch for motorcyclists very well, which is why there are thousands of motorcycle accidents each … Read More

Motorcycle Deaths Reached 5,000 Last Year

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Even though motorcyclists only account for a fraction of the vehicles on the road, the number of fatal and serious accidents involving motorcycles is high. Many motorcycle accidents are the result of rider error; however, a large number of accidents seen each year are also the result of negligence by other drivers. In fact, one of the leading causes of … Read More

How to Treat Your Post-Accident Burn Pain

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An unfortunate part of burn injury recovery is discomfort and pain. Many people who have suffered a burn claim the ongoing pain lasts a long time after they are discharged from the hospital. Burns can occur in a number of ways; and different types of burns present different levels of pain. If you suffer a burn due to the fault … Read More

What Are the Complications of Burn Injuries?

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Under the Jones Act, which you can learn more about from a personal injury attorney in New Orleans, workers who are injured while on the job have the right to sue their employer. If you have suffered a serious injury, or even lost a loved one because of a work-related personal injury, you need to speak to an attorney to … Read More

What are the Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury?

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The severity of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can range from mild, which is indicated by a temporary change in mental consciousness or status, to severe, which is indicated by an extended period of amnesia or unconsciousness after the injury occurs. When a TBI occurs, there are a wide array of short and long-term changes that may occur. These … Read More

Concussion Cases on the Rise in the U.S.

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Being involved in an accident can be a very traumatic and stressful experience. In some cases, you will feel the effects of an accident long after the dust has settled. Among the most serious injuries you can sustain from an accident is a concussion. While this is considered a mild brain injury in New Orleans, there are still a number … Read More

How 18 Wheeler Injury Cases Increase Your Safety

Most people fail to realize just how dangerous driving on the roadways in their area can be. As a car owner, you will need to learn about the dangers of driving and how to stay out of harm’s way. In some instances, being involved in an accident is unavoidable due to negligence on the part of the other driver. Having … Read More

Your First Steps After an 18 Wheeler Accident

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A well-running car is essential, whether you’re trying to get to work on time or taking the kids to soccer practice. You probably drive a lot during the course of a day without realizing how many hazards you are exposed to while behind the wheel. Being involved in a collision with an 18 wheeler can create a variety of damages … Read More

Will Self Driving Trucks Mean Less Injury?

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The sole purpose of the trucking industry is to get goods from one part of the country to another. The large 18-wheeler trucks used for these hauls can create a lot of damage when involved in a collision with a car. Getting compensated for injuries you have sustained in a semi collision can be made easier when working with an … Read More