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Thermal burns are the most common type of burn. This type of burn is caused by contact with hot objects, flames, hot liquids, and steam. Different layers of skin are damaged by thermal burns. The layers of skin and extent of damage depend on the type, duration of contact, and temperature of the heat source.

The most serious kind of thermal burn can result from extended contact with fire. Every layer of skin, nerve endings, glands, muscles, blood vessels, as well as bone can be injured from a fourth-degree thermal burn.

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One of the most painful injuries a person can suffer is a severe burn. Loss of fingers, toes, and facial features, and permanent scarring can occur in traumatic burn cases. Before plastic surgery can begin, it can take up to two years for a scar to heal.

A New Orleans burn injury attorney can help you or a loved one who has suffered a burn injury due to another’s negligence.

Thermal Burns May Cause Serious Injury

There is a possibility of suffering thermal burn if in a car accident and you are thrown up against something hot or something catches on fire. This type of burn injury can also result from steam.

Treatment of a thermal burn begins at the scene of the accident. A comprehensive approach is required to prevent the burn from worsening.

First, remove any charred clothing if possible. The burn can worsen from heat not escaping due to clothing. Immerse the area in cool water if available. For this purpose, tap water is ideal. Never use cold or frozen water.

The emergency is sufficient for treating some thermal burns. However, a burn center may be required for more serious burns. If a burn center is located within 30 minutes of the car accident scene, the victim may be transported directly by an ambulance. If not, it may be necessary to receive treatment at a level one trauma center.

Victims who have burns easily visible or have extensive burns may have lifelong impacts. Many victims of these types of cases seek compensation from the individual responsible for the accident that resulted in the burns. With compensation, necessary costs for burn injury treatment and lifelong impacts may be covered.

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Burn and fire injuries can cause extreme pain, permanent scars, and physical disability. Treating these types of injuries can be expensive and may need several costly aggressive procedures.

Cueria Law Firm understands how burn and fire injuries affect the victims and are here to help. We work hard to help them receive the compensation and support needed to move forward on with their life.