Severe burn injuries can be devastating. Extended hospital care may be required, in addition, or many surgeries, and long-term physical therapy. Enormous emotional and psychological consequences may also arise from a burn injury, not only for the victim but family as well. Thus, the best medical care available should be sought to ensure proper recovery.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burn depth is categorized as degrees, such as a first through fourth degree.

First Degree Burn

A first-degree burn injury and a typical sunburn has similar features and are known as superficial. The skin outer layer or epidermis is only affected by this type of burn. The location of the burn is red and painful with possible swelling, but no evident blisters.

Second Degree Burn

A second degree burns also referred to as partial thickness burn, involves the second layer of skin as well. As with a first-degree burn, the location of the burn will be red and painful, however, the skin often blisters also. After receiving this type of burn, blistering may take effect immediately or after time.

Third Degree Burn

Third-degree burns are also referred to as full thickness burns as well. Burns with a third-degree penetrate each layer of skin and the adipose tissue below. Numbness may occur in the area of a third-degree burn due to the possibility of nerve destruction. The look and feel of the skin with this type of burn injury may be transformed and may appear as tan or while. In some cases, the skin may be tough or leathery.

Fourth Degree Burn

A fourth-degree burn is the more severe type of burn. With this type of injury, the burn goes through the skin and tissue, affecting the bones and muscles. Skin with a fourth-degree burn may be burned away, charred, or blackened. Nerve damage often occurs, resulting in the burn victim not feeling any pain.

Burn Severity

As with most burn injuries, they are often classified by both the degree and severity. The amount of body affected by the burn classifies the severity. By properly identifying the TBSA or total body surface area of the burn, specific burn treatment can be provided by medical professionals.

Medical professionals use Rule of Nines to calculate the percentage of burns in adults. Parts of the victim’s body correspond to about 9 percent of the total body, with few exceptions, such as the face, groin, etc. With 1 percent being the least percentage affected and total body burns as 100 percent.

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