Trauma Induced Physiological Disorders

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Most individuals do not realize that when an accident occurs, and they are injured, there is much more involved than just physical injury. There are physiological effects at play when a catastrophic injury occurs which can lead to emotional and mental distress. These issues can be debilitating and sometimes more life-altering than the injury itself. If you or someone you love has been emotionally traumatized by an accident, contact our office today. At Cueria Law Firm, we will provide you with quality legal representation for your catastrophic injury, finding you the right care and compensation for your injury needs. 

Common Psychological Disorders

When a traumatic physical injury occurs, it can create a psychological disorder due to the incident being traumatic in some way. Below are a few examples of common psychological disorders and how they affect individuals after a catastrophic injury. 

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder—perhaps the most commonly known, PTSD will see the individual become anxious and panicked when they relieve the event
  • Depression—a victim can easily become depressed based on the incident that caused the injury
  • Personality Disorder—when a traumatic event occurs, an individual can unconsciously cope by changing their personality. Behaviors and thoughts can become socially unacceptable. Examples include schizotypal personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and more
  • Dissociative Disorder—a victim can also start to dissociate themselves from the event in some form or fashion, such as detachment, impaired memory recall or disruptions of memory
  • Psychosis—a traumatic incident can also lead to the victim losing focus on reality

Compensation for Physiological Effects of Injury

When you are affected physiologically due to a traumatic injury, you can be due monetary compensation. Known as noneconomic damages, compensation can be awarded based on the pain, emotional distress or loss of interest in life that you have experienced due to the injury that was caused by another individual. 

There are maximum amounts placed on such damages. If an individual has suffered from a personality disorder due to the injury, the diagnosis can be considered a physical disorder that could see more compensation paid to the victim. To find out how you can file a claim for such compensation based on physiological factors, consult with our New Orleans personal injury attorneys. 

If your life has been altered dramatically due to an injury that you suffered through no fault of your own, you owe yourself the chance to see legal representation. Take a car accident for example. If you were involved in a horrific car accident that was caused by the negligent actions of someone else and you are now physiologically affected, such as having difficulty even getting in a car, you may have a claim. 

Let our attorneys assist you by providing quality legal advice based on your individual case. We are ready to schedule an appointment for a consultation to get to know your case and help you file for just compensation.