trauma induced Psychosis new orleans

Many people have no idea that when one is involved in an injury accident, more than just physical injuries can occur. For most people, the traumatic incident results in physiological issues, such as psychosis. Traumatic accidents can have such an effect on the mental state of an individual that it can result in the loss of reality for the victim. With psychosis, the individual has no concept of reality and needs treatment to get back on track mentally. At Cueria Law Firm, we specialize in assisting individuals affected by physiological conditions as a result of a traumatic accident. Our experts are ready to review your case and help you file for compensation. 

Understanding Psychosis

When one is diagnosed with psychosis, they have lost contact with reality. The individual will become delusion and seen hallucinations when in such as the psychotic state. There are different causes that can trigger psychosis including brain tumors, psychiatric disorders, drugs & alcohol, dementia, infections that harm the brain and prescription medications. 

An individual with psychosis will experience false beliefs, disorganized speech and thoughts as well as have paranoia or unfounded fears. They will also see or hear things that are not here. Before treatment can begin, a caregiver must be able to understand what is behind the psychotic episode. The patient will undergo blood testing, drug screening and psychiatric evaluations and possible MRI to be able to tell what is causing the episode. 

In most cases, a patient will need to be hospitalized in order to manage the symptoms no matter the cause. If the cause can be reversed, then the patient should be able to recover. Take for example a traumatic car accident or natural disaster. A patient might experience a form of psychosis due to the experience. After working on what happened and learning how to cope with the incident, the individual should be able to recover fully. 

When it comes to a diagnosis of psychosis, an individual might be due to noneconomic damages due to the circumstances of the incident.

Noneconomic damage is a term referring to the harm inflicted upon an individual. If the condition is the result of the negligence of someone else, then you or your loved one may be due compensation. 

If you or someone you love has been involved in a traumatic accident and have been diagnosed with psychosis, contact our Louisiana personal injury attorneys. We will gladly review your case and help you file a claim for compensation.